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Catalog Form and Function Interest Group

Saturday, June 27, 2015
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, US/Pacific

Disaster Recovery . . . in the OPAC
Rebecca L. Leonhard, Director of Libraries, Leysin American School

I began working in the libraries at Leysin American School in Switzerland, an international boarding school in the Swiss Alps, about three years ago. I was the first librarian with a library science degree to work there in over four years. Upon doing my first search in the library’s online catalog, I found a disaster. I saw such atrocious things as missing call numbers, incomplete and inaccurate MARC records, bibliographic records shouting at me in all capital letters, no subject headings, and much more. Furthermore, when I looked on the shelves, entire sections were uncataloged, books had handwritten spine labels, items did not match their online bibliographic records, and numerous item barcodes were not found in the OPAC due to a data loss several years before. What to do? Where to begin? Should we just delete all the records and rebuild the OPAC from scratch? This presentation will outline the processes undertaken to improve our OPAC and begin to fix it and the goals motivating the changes. Taking into account the needs of an American secondary school library program serving primarily non-native English speakers and an expatriate English-speaking adult community with families, the libraries began to do some damage control. The problems the libraries faced, such as limited funds and untrained staff with high turnover, will be discussed along with what worked and what did not work over the last three years. This will include the creation of streamlined cataloging policies and procedures and how that was disseminated to library staff, the inventory process, and separating the library database into two in order to serve both campus libraries. Ongoing projects will be highlighted along with what the libraries plan to do in the future to continue to recover from the disaster that was the OPAC.

One Thing Leads to Another
Jana Slay, Head of Technical Services, Troy University
Rachel Hooper, Business Reference Librarian, Troy University

The presenters will discuss how a decision to change Discovery tools from Summon to OCLC Discovery quickly developed into the decision to change the library’s ILS from SirsiDynix Symphony to WorldShare Management Services. The presentation will be a practical, detailed talk from the perspectives of technical services and reference services. The discussion will include reasons why they chose to change systems, the steps involved in switching, some of the challenges that they have encountered, and their end term goals.