Committee Chat - May 21, 2015

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    01:48pm Tara Smith:

    Yeah, maybe next year they'll give us some more concrete tasks to work with, or some guidance on how we could do that one.

    01:49pm Tara Smith:

    Looking at the roster, it seems like a handful of us start our second year on the committee in 2015-2016.

    01:50pm Tara Smith:

    If it makes you feel any better, though, I haven't heard anything about new members for my YALSA board either. Maybe we don't get them until June.

    01:51pm Alex Graves:

    As a professional development committee, we should be informing/educating the membership, so there has to be a way for us to connect the need for app guidance (or whatever else!) with some sort of resource.

    01:55pm Tara Smith:

    Would it be worth trying to poll ALSC members about what tech issues they need guidance or training or something on? Or does a poll already exist?

    01:56pm Tara Smith:

    Maybe if we can demonstrate a need for something, we'll get the green light to work on resources for it

    01:56pm Alex Graves:

    I just checked old emails...when I was appointed chair in 2013 it was 3/30 and in 2014 it was 4/7. That's when I accepted, anyway. So this year is really unusual.

    01:57pm Alex Graves:

    I don't remember a poll like that being done before. It's a really good idea.

    01:58pm Alex Graves:

    We're serving the membership, we should know what they want/need from us.

    01:58pm Tara Smith:

    Yeah, I looked and I got my committee appointment in April last year.

    02:00pm Tara Smith: This is the poll my board did recently. Granted, we were working to get input on a specific task we had from YALSA, but it did help a lot to know what to focus on.

    02:06pm Alex Graves:

    If our committee did a general information-gathering survey, we'd need to figure out some areas people might want us to address. I know I won't fill in a text box unless I feel very strongly about something.

    02:07pm Jessica Brown-MD (non-member):

    There is a poll that already exists--the evolving Carnegie Task Force did one tangentially-related. (Sorry, refresh issues)

    02:08pm Jessica Brown-MD (non-member):

    I think we should look at that poll before we do our own. It had some really interesting info on it (that's where I got the review-site resource concept).

    02:09pm Tara Smith:

    Yeah, if one already exists, we might not need to conduct our own.

    02:09pm Alex Graves:

    I'm sure they'd be willing to share their results with us.

    02:14pm Alex Graves:

    Well, I have a program to set up for, so I'm going to scoot. Thank you both for being here, and for consistently making the effort to be here. I really appreciate it.

    02:15pm Alex Graves:

    This meeting was really helpful. I'm looking forward to finding out who I'm passing the torch to, so we can chat about this stuff.

    02:15pm Jessica Brown-MD (non-member):

    Thanks, Amy!

    02:16pm Tara Smith:

    Thanks! Have a good afternoon, everyone.