Committee Chat - May 7, 2015

 Who's in the chat

    10:30am Alex Graves:

    Hello. We need to come up with the next Twitter chat today.

    10:31am Alex Graves:

    Here's our picked over suggested topic list. We can, of course, come up with something else entirely.

    10:35am Tara Smith:

    Sorry, Amy--I'm joining the meeting from home on a day off, and my router is giving me a ton of trouble today. I think I'm back...for now, at least.

    10:39am Alex Graves:

    Hi Tara, I didn't see your message before because chat is doing its "I need to be refreshed" thing.

    10:40am Tara Smith:

    Oh yay, awesome. I guess it's just us in here?

    10:40am Alex Graves:

    Yeah...I'm going to give it a few more minutes--sometimes people come in after the notification email goes out. We'll see.

    10:44am Clara Hendricks:

    Hi I'm here - sorry, also on the public desk, so I

    10:44am Clara Hendricks:

    'll be in and out

    10:45am Clara Hendricks:

    My schedule got shifted at the last minute.

    10:51am Alex Graves:

    Ok, I'm thinking we should just do this by email. Thanks, Clara & Tara, for making the effort to be here.

    10:52am Tara Smith:

    Yeah, it might be easier. I was just about to ask if it was too much of a cop-out to just make it about summer reading or summer reading promo or something

    10:52am Tara Smith:

    But it's probably better if we can get more people involved in brainstorming

    10:57am Alex Graves:

    Summer reading could work. We did "rethinking summer reading" in September, but this could be a different angle, like gearing up for it, or just talking about what different libraries are doing.

    10:57am Tara Smith:

    yeah, that's kind of what i was thinking

    10:57am Tara Smith:

    might be an easy one to get a list of questions for via email, too

    10:59am Alex Graves:

    Sounds good. Ok, I'll send an email out now.

    11:00am Tara Smith:

    Ok, I'll keep an eye out. Thanks, Amy