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ALA PRECONFERENCE Communities in Need: Innovations in Service and Design for Connecting Users with Social Services

Communities in Need preconference, co-hosted by CLA and LLAMA on June 25th!

Sign up here: http://alaac15.ala.org/ticketed-events#AFL

Public libraries are increasingly responsive in developing new models of service to address 21st century community needs including service to persons experiencing mental illness, persons experiencing homelessness, patrons who are in need of medical care and families living in poverty. The California Library Association, in conjunction with the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA), is presenting a full day preconference to share the latest best practices from across North America including innovations from Richland Library and Pima County Library that feature the addition of a public health nurse to their on-site programming. Presentations will also include Edmonton Public Library, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Madison (WI) Public Library and San Francisco Public Library to highlight the evolving impacts of social worker programs in public libraries.

If you are a member of CLA or LLAMA use the special code AFL2015 to recieve the price of $219.

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Thanks to all that attended the PreConference session, Serving Communities in Need. We had a great turnout and energizing discussion. All presentations from the day are posted here. Thank you to CLA, SFPL and LLAMA for co-sponsoring the pre conference, and a special thank you to SFPL’s Michael Lambert for coordinating all of us speakers.