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Streaming Video Custom Search Engines

Hi Everyone,

Do you ever get frustrated trying to figure out which educational media vendor(s) or service(s) might be hosting a specific video title?  I do.

Do you ever get tired of having to dig through a thicket of freely available, high quality sources to find a decent video clip on a specific facet or title (well, perhaps not since you are likely a librarian/media professional)... still maybe a boost of carefully curated, quality open resources would help, eh?

I created the following 2 Google Custom Search Engines, inspired by the Digital Video Collections Guide, to help refine these search types.  Note: I have dabbled just a little bit on this project, so it is by no means perfect (or comprehensive).  That said, though maybe not the most ideal for federated streaming search, I have found these tools useful for my purposes, maybe you will as well.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below or let me know directly. 

Google Search 101 Tips: 1) For specific title searching you may want to use "". I do this by default now.  2) Depending on the facet, YouTube often [unfairly] dominates the results (go figure!), so to surface other amazing resources (like CultureUnplugged or SNAGFilms), go ahead and delimit YouTube (-YouTube). In addition, you can now further refine through faceting of some of the general subject areas I added (inspired by Lowell Lybarger at Arkansas Tech).  3) I added CanIstreamit? to the license search. The results are very spotty, so no promises (but sometimes it's nice know if a title is available via a popular PayPerView/free streaming service or a cable provider). 

This is still very alpha.  The specific sites used in these CSE's are listed below.  I reserve the right to add or change these filtered resources at anytime, and will likely continue to tweak.  I may also create additional CSE's or link to those created by others.  If I do so, this page will be updated to reflect changes.


Scott Spicer
Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian
Past Chair, Video Round Table
University of Minnesota Libraries

Many Licensed and Popular Educational Media Streaming Sites

Open Streaming Video Resources

Specific Resources Included:

Many Licensed and Popular Educational Media Streaming Sites

Ambrose Digital
Kanopy Streaming
Films On Demand
Alexander Street Press
New Day Digital
Culture Unplugged
PBS (general)
Psyctherapy (St. John's Guide)
National Film Board of Canada
YouTube Movies

Open Streaming Video Resources

Academic Earth
Al Jazeera (Creative Commons)
American Experience
American Indian Film Gallery
American Memory (LOC)
American Rhetoric
Annenberg Media Program Archive
Archealogy Channel
Archive of American Television
A.R.T 21
BBC History of the World in 100 Objects
BBC Online Media
British Pathé (YouTube)
Cineteca (University of Chile)
C-SPAN Video Library
Civil Rights Digital Library
CNN Video Almanac
Creative Commons Video Sites
Critical Commons
Culture Unplugged
Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Video Collections
Euscreen (Creative Commons)
EVIA Digital Archive Project - Ethnographic Video for Instruction & Analysis
Global Performing Arts Database
The Great Depression Interviews
HEAL: Health Education Assets Library
HealthLibrary Online
History Channel Video
Internet Archive: TV News
Internet Archive: Moving Images
iTunes U
Khan Academy
Learners TV
Med-Mem Mediterranean Memory
Media Burn
Media That Matters Film Festival
Mike Wallace, The Interviews
MIT Open Courseware
National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF)
National Film Board of Canada
National Geographic Video
National Parks Service B-Roll Video
NIHSeniorHealth - Health Information for Older Adults
Open Video Project
PBS Learning Media
PBS Great Performances
PBS Video
P.O.V. Video
Society of Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) Video
Southern Foodways Alliance Documentary Films
Scripps Library and Multimedia Archive
Society of Biomaterials Video Library
Smithsonian Institution - Collection Search Center
Stanford Health Video Library
TED: Technology, Entertainment, Design
Thanhouser Films Online
TIB|AV Portal 
TPT MN Video Vault
UC Berkeley Media Resources Center Online Media
UCLA Preserved Silent Animation
UMedia Archive (UMN)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) Moving Images Collections
USDA Food Safety Videos
USDA Youtube Channel
Wellcome Film: Digitizing Medical History
WGBH Open Vault
Wikimedia Commons
YouTube Movies
University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies (CHGS) Video Library

Much of the open content collections and compilation has been reproduced with permission, from the Arizona State University "Internet Sites for Streaming Video" Guide: http://libguides.asu.edu/content.php?pid=90855&sid=676587. Many thanks to ASU media librarian, deg farrelly, for his willingness to share this amazing bibliography! Many additional selections and resource descriptions were culled from the LibGuides Community or contributions from VRT membership and media professionals as part of a comprehensive project to identify exemplar digital video collections.

This is a prototype I created for my own institutional work, no promises for long term maintenance of this tool.

UMN Libraries is not responsible for any of the content linked from these sites. We cannot guarantee availability of the content they provide, nor assume responsibility for the functionality of these sites. Copyright use understanding is the responsibility of the patron - see the UMN copyright site for more information: http://www.lib.umn.edu/copyright/

These Google Custom Search Engines were created using the free (ad supported) version. Your search queries will be captured by Google and quite possibly related partners (e.g., Tinyurl, etc..). With my limited search engine development experience, it appears that I only have access to the total number, date, and most popular search queries entered (Google Analytics appears to be limited to those developers who are using the product for their own sites). As a community good, I may at some point share out general usage stats. and top queries, but will anonymize any identifiable info. (if said info. should become accessible). I have not turned on AdSense and will receive no payment from your use of this search engine. If anything changes, I will make note of it in this section.  

Deborah Benrubi's picture

Thank you so much for creating and sharing it with us.