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San Francisco Gay Pride parade

Hello, All:

I am poised to register for ALA annual in San Francisco.  During the registration process, I noticed that the Pride Parade has an international stop sign next to it.  Does that indicate that folks actually registered to participate in the parade and that it's now closed?  More to the point, is GLBTRT participating/marching in the parade? 

See you in San Francisco,

Jack Albrecht

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Yes, GLBTRT is marching in the parade as part of the SFPL Contingent.   This is a message that went out to the RT list a few weeks ago.There will be a contingent marching in the Pride parade. Rules regarding the parade have changed in recent years and a certain number of trained "monitors" are required per X number of group members. For this reason, people who wish to march in the parade must purchase a ticket in advance for $15. To purchase a ticket, you must be GLBTRT member and you may purchase a maximum of 2 tickets. The parade route is one mile long and marchers must stay with the group from start to finish. You will be given a commemorative t-shirt. You can find more information here: http://alaac15.ala.org/ticketed-events#GLBTRT If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
Ann Symons, GLBTRT Chair
On Mar

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Thanks for the info, Ann.  I must've missed that particular message from the round table.  I just followed the link that you passed along and it appears that it's sold out.  We can watch from the sidelines, though!