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Midwinter Meeting Minutes

ACRL’s New Member Discussion Group (ACRL-NMDG) met on February 1st at 10:30 am in the Sheraton Chicago Ballroom 9.  The scheduler description was as follows:

"Oops...I did it again: What happens after you've screwed up" – The New Member Discussion Group focuses on topics that are of interest to new members of ACRL and new members of the library profession. At the Midwinter Meeting we'll be discussing what happens after you realize you've a mistake: how to apologize, rebuild bridges, and avoid making the same mistake twice.

Due to the weather and the location of the program, far away from the convention center, we had a relatively low turnout, with only 5 attendees total.  This allowed for a spirited and honest discussion of our stated topic – how to handle mistakes in the workplace.

We spent most of the time discussing communication styles and how differences in style, whether personal, institutional, or regional, can often be the source of a lot of workplace friction.  We also discussed differences of opinion as to whether we should care how our communication style makes others feel (this was a particularly spirited part of the discussion), and also the impact that gender has on how our tone and words are interpreted.

Due to low turnout (and very positive feedback) we’re going to repeat this topic at annual.