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Ride On! Bikes and Libraries

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Description: Bike riding in U.S. cities has nearly doubled in the last decade.  Libraries can engage this community in a myriad of ways, ranging from offering library service via bicycle to promoting biking books and magazines, offering bike racks on site and loaning locks, and providing repair and safety programs. Librarians from three different libraries will provide examples of successful bike-related services.  Then they’ll lead discussion on how to start bike-based outreach, partner with local bike organizations, and acquire helpful materials and infrastructure that creates bike-friendly libraries. Learn how you can start supporting biking in your own community!


  • Mana Tominaga
  • Dan Beringhele

Format: Panel Discussion

Types of libraries:

  • Academic
  • Urban
  • Undergraduate
  • Student
  • Special
  • School / Media Center
  • Rural
  • Public
  • Museum
  • Middle School
  • Library School
  • High School
  • Elementary School
  • Corporate
  • Community College


  • Adult Services
  • Public Services
  • Public Programs
  • Outreach Services
  • Community Engagement

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