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Notes from January 30 COMM Meeting at 2015 Midwinter Chicago Conference

Dear COMM members,


Attached please find the notes from our 2015 ALA Midwinter meeting  in Chicago. We had a very spirited discussion among the five of us in attendance, and now we all must begin work in earnest as the 2015 meetings loom in the near future.


Please read through these notes and let me know if you have any questions or comments. I am putting together the COMM Midwinter report to Council and will send out a draft to COMM Email  and Connect space soon.


I would like to enlist volunteers to help write publicity blurbs  for the types of short communications we discussed in Chicago. If you can help with this task, please let me know as soon as possible. I will check with Ron and Lois Ann about when exactly to start the publicity blitz for the June 4 Virtual meeting, but I’m guessing in April? The biggest thing to get across is why is participation in virtual or real-time membership meetings important? You could write from your perspective as an ALA member about why membership meetings matter.


We will also want to hold at least one if not a few more COMM teleconferences this Spring. I’ll work with Ron and Lois Ann to conduct Doodle polls to set these up and hope everyone is able to participate.


That’s it for now. I apologize for being off the grid but my trip to Germany for IFL A meetings right after Midwinter  has set me behind a few weeks in all capacities. Look for the draft COMM report soon. Thanks.


Mike L.  Marlin

Director, California Braille and Talking Book Library

2014-15 Chair, ALA Committee on Membership Meetings

ALA Councilor At Large

ALA/ASCLA Representative to IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Print


Sacramento, CA


: Email: mike.marlin@library.ca.gov

Tel:((916) 651-0812


Email: : mmarlin13@gmail.com

Mobile: (916) 243-9778)



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