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Report from ALA Midwinter 2015 Chicago

The LITA Consortia Automated Systems IG met Sunday morning, February 1, 2015 from 10:30-11:30.  Attendance was light, with only 5 present.  Since Midwinter turnout is usually higher, this may have been due to being scheduled opposite Top Tech Trends, the OCLC brunch, and numerous other LITA IGs.  Those that were in attendance still managed to have a good discussion.    A topic always of interest to this group is plans for ILS migration.  Several present were in some phase of making ILS migration decisions.  The increasing roll of e-resources was discussed.  Management of e-resources in the shared ILS environment continues to be a challenge.  Everyone has problems when bibliographic records for ebooks are loaded in the system.

Models for charging members for services were also discussed.  No one has a perfect model, and everyone has issues with some members thinking that are paying more than their share.  It is becoming more common to base at least some portion of membership on the number of ebooks being loaded.

The need for discovery systems that can accommodate electronic resources in the shared system environment was discussed at some length.  Steve Bowers reported that DALNET has lost some members whose collections have shifted primarily to digital materials.  Eileen Palmer of LMxAC noted that a recent study showed that the shared ILS and the resource sharing it enables is often the core of successful consortia.  The shift to electronic resources could have significant impact.

In a brief business meeting, the group indicated that they do want the IG to continue.  If membership numbers is a problem, we could explore making the IG a joint Interest Group with ASCLA, since the consortia angle is of interest to some members of that organization as well.  There was also interest in having a portion of future meetings be a managed discussion with a short presentation.   

Respectfully Submitted

Mary Ellen Tyckoson, Chair