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2015 Midwinter ALCTS CRS Holdings Forum

ALCTS CRS Holdings Information Committee program

Time:                     Saturday, January 31, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Location:              McCormick Place West, Room W181a

Cecilia Genereux, Manager of the Metadata & Intellectual Access Unit of the University of Minnesota Libraries, will speak on their recent migration to Alma. In late 2013 the University of Minnesota Libraries moved from Ex Libris’s Aleph integrated library system to its new cloud-based system, Alma, and Primo Central for discovery. Moving to a new library system is exciting. A new system offers opportunities for improved functionality, new workflows, and possible efficiencies. This presentation will look at how serials cataloging workflows have been affected by the move to Alma and Primo Central.

 Frances McNamara, Director, Integrated Library Systems and Administrative and Desktop Systems at the University of Chicago Library, will speak on migrating serials data from Horizon to Kuali OLE. Her presentation will review and compare where data resides in Horizon and OLE. Bibliographic records, summary holding records, item records, and serial check-in receipt records will be covered. The decision to not migrate prediction will be discussed and decisions to collapse certain data will be explained. The data mapping and processes used will be described. Frances will also talk about what was successful and what was problematic.