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ANSS Membership Committee Virtual Midwinter Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the ANSS Membership Meetings

January 22, 2015, 1:30-2:30 EST
January 23, 2015, 4:00-5:00 EST
Present on the 22nd: Wade K., Anne L., Mary-Michelle M., Jenny B., Helen C., Erin G.
Present on the 23rd: Wade K., Anne L., Wayne S., Louisa M., Helen C.
*Review of the Committee Charge
- included conversation about the updated ANSS brochure, ACRL keeps a copy of these brochures and they can be picked up at the ACRL desk at the conference
-Wade plans to draft a non-intrusive letter to members who have recently dropped from ANSS. We have not sent letters to dropped members in the past few years but members agreed that it would be a good idea
*Review of ANSS statistics
-As of December 2014 we had a total of 417 members, our lowest member count for 2014 was 392 in August. Member numbers seem to increase around December and January each year. Our biggest drops occurred between April 2014-September 2014. ACRL statistics show that ACRL membership is low across the board. ACRL numbers as of August 2014 were at 10,269, compared to 11,187 in August 2013
*Reporting Activities on Google Form
-https://docs.google.com/a/binghamton.edu/forms/d/1aN-vzKYjiYUZa0qNMNKNEPR0WL503v7F5WesAJjTH10/viewform We fill out this form once per year for the ACRL sections membership committee. Anne has agreed to fill it in for this year 
* Membership Promotion Ideas
-We currently have 259 Likes on Facebook, we discussed ideas of what to post on the FB page
-Member research activities and collaborative research partner promotion might be worth suggesting to ANSS Publications for the Currents Newsletter, this would keep members current on what their peers are doing and recognize the research efforts of ANSS members
- ACRL offers ANSS membership members to help with their welcome desk, a few members have signed up for slots, Wade will send out the link via email
-Linda suggested sending ANSS invites to librarians who were local to a conference area. They may find it convenient to attend our social even if they can't attend the conference
-Helen volunteered to find the ALA directory of MLIS Programs and send ANSS e-brochures to the various programs. Helen will check with Publications committee to find out who has an e-version of the brochure.
-We discussed the benefits of setting up a virtual ANSS 101 session. Jen D. hosted one of these sessions when she was chair
-We also discussed the idea of bringing print ANSS brochures to regional ACRL conferences or sending electronic brochures out via the regional ACRL listserv
- Dropped members should be reminded that they are welcome to remain active via the listserv or attending the social
*Membership Social for ALA San Francisco
-ALA Annual will overlap with San Francisco Pride Parade
-Jenny and Helen will start researching possible restaurant locations for the Social 

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Participants used a teleconference call to participate in the meeting