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Subcommittee Rosters and Charges

Thank you to everyone who responded and agreed to be a member of a subcommittee. Below are the rosters and charges. The ideal timeline for completion of these projects is Annual 2015. Please coordinate with your subcommittee members to develop a work plan. I am happy to answer questions or meet virtually for any of these subcommittees. 

Given that some of us are traveling to MW, I don't expect we'll get started on these projects before our Feb. 9 virtual meeting, but please plan to give an informal progress report by our March 2 meeting (just a quick "here's what we're planning or have done so far").

1. Connect Welcome Page

Charge: To draft a welcome page (including message, helpful links, contact info) for first time logins to Connect of ALA members and first time logins to Connect of non-members. (Earlier work on this: http://connect.ala.org/node/178590)


  1. Liza
  2. Betsy


2. ALA Style Guide

Charge: To review the ALA style guide (http://www.ala.org/support/style) and, if necessary, offer recommendations for improvement.


  1. Margaret
  2. Sam
  3. Simon (tentative)


3. Value of WAC

Charge: To develop procedures and/or documents for WAC that will assist committee members in articulating the value of WAC to ALA units. This may include developing an email campaign, talking points, or identifying key stakeholders not represented on the committee.


  1. Erin R.
  2. Brian
  3. Nancy


4. WAC Orientation

Charge: To develop orientation documents for new WAC members. This may include committee member expectations, ALA org charts, record of past work, useful links, contact info, etc.


  1. Erin B.
  2. David (not confirmed)
  3. Shannon (not confirmed)