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Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group

Sunday, February 1, 2015
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, US/Central

1. Topic: Toward a symbiotic relationship: Technical Services and Special Collections/Archives

Facilitator: Mackenzie Brooks

This roundtable discussion will focus on the potentially symbiotic relationship between technical services and special collections and archives. As automation frees up staff time (theoretically), how is your technical services department taking advantage of the opportunities for original metadata creation for your institution’s unique materials?

2. Topic: Blended positions in Technical Services

Facilitators: Erin E. Boyd, Elyssa Gould, & Emily Sanford

"Blended" positions are positions for which 25 % or more of the job responsibilities encompass more than one area within a library. This topic will discuss new opportunities and challenges that come with job responsibilities, skills, and knowledge that expand upon what is considered the traditional "technical services" position.

3. Topic: Developing skills in Cataloging Department personnel

Facilitators: Dan Tam Do, Hayley Moreno

In recent years, numerous changes have occurred in the bibliographic universe, where RDA, BIBFRAME, linked data and programming languages are ever more widely discussed and applied. This roundtable discussion hopes to challenge participants in forecasting the future of cataloging as well as generate ideas on how we can develop the skills of current personnel to succeed in that future.

4. Topic: Best practices for batch editing bibliographic and authority data

Facilitator: Julene L. Jones

How are you keeping your catalog “clean”? With potential ILS migrations, large changes in authorized access points, and the mixing of RDA and legacy metadata, what best practices do you use for batch editing your bibliographic and authority data?

5. Topic: Strategies for improving awareness and access to data among departments in medium and large academic libraries

Facilitators: Peter Spyers-Duran, Kristine J. Shrauger

In this forum we will discuss strategies for improving awareness and access to data among library departments—data that is stored in different locations, in different formats, and is often password protected. We will explore ideas concerning organizational structure and culture, training, information management, and the utilization of technology.

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