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Catalog Management Interest Group

Saturday, January 31, 2015
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Central

Please join us for the following timely presentations at the ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging Management Interest Group at ALA Midwinter, Chicago.

1. OCLC Hybrid records

The quantity of hybrid records in WorldCat is growing daily. Come hear how OCLC is systematically adding RDA elements to non-RDA bibliographic records in accordance with the PCC Guidelines on Hybrid Bibliographic Records and why that is a benefit to your library.

2. RDA Enrichment at the University of Colorado Boulder

Working with Backstage Library Works the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries has just completed RDA enrichment for over 3 million bibliographic records. This presentation will discuss the steps taken to prepare for this work, key decisions made along the way, and the impact upon ongoing operations.

3. Full catalog RDA enrichment in a cloud-based LMS

The University of Minnesota Libraries began planning a full catalog RDA enrichment project with vendor Backstage Library Works in 2013. The project, resulting in the enhancement of approximately 5.6 million bibliographic records, was completed in Fall 2014, after the University Libraries migrated to Ex Libris's Alma cloud-based library management system. This presentation will address the planning and testing stages of the project, including how record elements were selected for "hybridization," and which elements were not changed. Also covered will be the design and execution of the large-scale export and overlay processes in a cloud-based system, and some of the system issues encountered over the course of the project. Finally, the presentation will discuss impacts of the enrichment project on catalog data in the Libraries' discovery system (Ex Libris's Primo), and the ongoing work to analyze and act upon the report data provided by the vendor as part of the project output.

4. Roles and Reels: RDA and Relationship Designators for Moving Images

This presentation will explore some of the findings of the OLAC Movie & Video Credit Annotation Experiment (http://olac-annotator.org/ ). One of the outputs of this project is a large, multilingual list of free-text role and function information from the following subfields of MARC records for moving image resources: 245$c, 260$b, 264$b, 508$a, 511$a. This presentation will analyze some of the results and discuss the possibility of using this corpus in conjunction with natural language processing to add relationship designator information to existing records for film and video. Finally, it will discuss some implications for the use of relationship designators in RDA.

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