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Annual 2014 Notes/Minutes

RUSA AIC Meeting, June 28, 2014



Call to order 8:45 

Minutes approved



Labeling & Rating: There are issues with tagging in ILS systems, patron reviews, etc., that are unaddressed here. In a world where authority control is becoming obsolete we need guidance on how to deal with user generated ratings. 


Privacy: What about privacy of patrons posting on library sites or social media? Are we required to provide a venue for anonymous commenting? With some social networks privacy is not an option. 


All the rest pending or OK.



Student led classes haven't taken shape yet. We don't know how in-depth our guide has to be. We will try to slant it toward access issues like tying the digital divide to CIPA.  Clearly there is a growing need for this.


Trigger Warnings

School by school thing. 

Trigger warnings on-line are because you may stumble on things and you don't have to read it. If school trigger warnings mean you don't have to read it then teachers will stop assigning things. We don't want to stop talking about difficult issues. We want them discussed in this safe environment where you do have access to counseling. 


Net neutrality: we are for it.


Legislative Assembly: Lisa read the proposal to add Legislative Issues to our charge. We agreed that this is the best committee to handle it. We will also look into developing training.