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C&RL Editorial Board Midwinter 2015 Meeting - Minutes (December 2014)

College & Research Libraries Editorial Board

ALA Midwinter 2015 Meeting (Virtual)

December 16, 2014

10:00 am - 11:30 am (Central)

Dial in number: 605-475-4700

Participant code: 776877#


Members present: Scott Walter (Chair),  Penny Beile, Laura Bonella, John Budd, Alan Carbrery, Ann Cullen, Marta Deyrup, Richard Fyffe, Don Gilstrap, Lori Mestre, Susan Searing, Mark Shelton, Sarah Steiner, Mark Stover

Members absent: James Elmborg

Guests present: David Free

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Scott Walter. The Board discussed the following agenda items:

1. Announcements and Additions to the Agenda

Walter added a discussion of the ACRL “Kickstart the Future Campaign” to the agenda. Walter added a post-meeting discussion item on the 2016 special issue.

2. Update on “Kickstart the Future” Campaign (Walter)

Walter reported that, as of December 16, 2014, the C&RL Editorial Board had raised $1,006 for the ACRL “Kickstart the Future” campaign. This total represents 158% of the initial fundraising target to which the Board had committed as part of its 2014-15 work plan. Through its efforts, the Board will be able to fully fund one scholarship for attendance at the ACRL National Conference in Portland and will contribute the remaining funds to general conference support. Walter thanked the members of the Board for their contributions to this effort.

3. Review of 2014 Submission Statistics (Walter)

The Board reviewed submission statistics, including acceptance rates, for the journal over the past 3 years and had a discussion of ways in which we can work to ensure continued submission of the highest-quality work to C&RL in the future. Board members discussed the increasingly competitive environment for recruiting content to the journal, including the rise of high-quality, open-access journals in specialized areas of academic librarianship that fall within C&RL scope. Board members discussed the successful decrease in the time from acceptance to publication in C&RL since the move to digital-only publishing and ways that this and other journal enhancements over the past year might be communicated to potential authors to encourage them to submit their best work to the journal. Board members discussed options for recruiting content in 2015, including active engagement with conference presenters, with professional development programs in the area of research skills, e.g., Institute for Research Design in Librarianship.

4. Journal Enhancements (Free)

Free reported that digital object identifiers (DOIs) have now been applied to all C&RL content (1939 - ), and provided an update to the Board on future projects related to the journal’s online presence.

5. 75th Anniversary Special Issue (Walter)

Walter reported that 6 of 8 essays solicited for inclusion in the special issue have been received and returned to the authors for revision following peer review. Remaining essays, as well as final drafts, are expected in early January and will be submitted to Dawn Mueller for copyediting and production prior to Midwinter.

6. ACRL 2015 Research Forum (Walter)

Walter reported that a Research Forum (“Putting the ‘Research’ in the Association of College & Research Libraries: 75 Years of College & Research Libraries and Other ACRL Research Programs”) is planned for presentation at the ACRL National Conference in Portland. Panelists scheduled to participate include John Budd (University of Missouri), Denise Koufogiannakis (University of Alberta), James Neal (Columbia University), and Megan Oakleaf (Syracuse University).

7. Social Media Program Update (Steiner)

Steiner reported on the continued growth of the C&RL social media program. As of December 2014, C&RL had 1,555 followers on Twitter (+150%), 769 “likes” on Facebook (+88.9%), and 59 subscribers to its YouTube channel. The most recent C&RL Online Forum, broadcast on December 2, 2014, had almost 150 live viewers, and had been viewed over 450 times as a recording in the 2 weeks between its broadcast and this meeting. Steiner is currently making plans for the Spring 2015 Online Forum and invited recommendations of recent journal content from Board members.

8. Book Review Program Update (Shelton)

Walter welcomed Shelton to his first Board meeting as Book Review Editor. Shelton provided an update on the transition and his progress in bringing book reviews back to the journal after a hiatus during the 2014 transition in editorial leadership. New book reviews should begin appearing in the journal with the January 2015 issue. Shelton shared ideas for expanding the book review program in terms of the scope of the works reviewed and the use of social media and other tools to expand our engagement with readers around book reviews. Shelton and Steiner will explore these ideas in 2015.

9. Update on Editorial Search (Free)

Free reported that the search for the new editor is proceeding on schedule. The application period has closed and the search committee, led by Pricilla Finley (Chair, Publications Coordinating Committee), plans to conduct interviews with selected candidates via Adobe Connect in late January and early February. Following the conclusion of the interview process, the search committee will make its recommendation to PCC with the goal of appointing the editor-designate prior to Annual 2015.

10. Post-meeting discussion: Assessment in Action Special Issue (Spring 2016) (Walter)

Planning continues for the proposed Spring 2016 special issue presenting work conducted as part of ACRL’s “Assessment in Action” program, to be guest-edited by Deb Gilchrist, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, and Kara Malenfant. No additional information on this project was available at the time of the meeting and Walter will follow up with Gilchrist, et al., prior to Midwinter.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:06 am.