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Pre-vote Discussion -12/3/14-12/10/14 - ACRL Fall Executive Committee Meeting Draft Minutes

The Board is invited to review the draft 2014 Fall Executive Committee meeting minutes and have discussion during the period of 12/3/14-12/10/14. The minutes will also be included as an FYI document in the Midwinter Meeting 2015 Board packet for your convenience. As many conversations continued from Annual Conference at the 2014 Fall Executive Committee meeting, it may be helpful for Directors-at-Large to review these minutes.

Please post comments using threaded discussion to provide feedback regarding the content.

  • Executive Committee members are asked to submit corrections.
  • Directors-at-Large are invited to post questions.
  • Following the discussion period, the Executive Committee will approve the Fall Meeting Minutes via virtual vote and confirm its vote at the 2015 Spring Meeting.

Executive Committee members can email editorial corrections directly to Allison at apayne@ala.org. The draft minutes are posted as a Word document to allow the use of track changes if significant changes are needed. Revisions using track changes can be emailed to Allison for posting to the discussion. 

FE14 Minutes_draft 11-25-14.docx71.37 KB
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My first question about the executive session mentioned in 3.0 is whether a decision was reached and how/if that will be communicated to the entire Board?

My second question is about process.  Is an executive session called so that ONLY the Executive Committee discusses a topic and the entire Board would not learn about the issue?  Or is an executive session a time for the Executive Committee or entire Board to discuss a topic without staff present?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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Just a suggestion.  Would it be possible to design a graphic that shows how the ARL, IPEDS, and NCES/AL surveys intersect?  I think I understand - and I also read the recent blog post on ACRL Insider - but I was thinking that a visual might help not only the Board but also the membership understand how these surveys fit together?