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Happy GIS Day!

Today is National GIS Day! http://www.gisday.com/ Celebrate how GIS technology Improves our understanding of the world @MAGIRTala

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Hi all,

If you have seen this request in other places please forgive the cross-listings.  I am conducting a brief survey (less than five minutes) about funding and revenue sources for maps collections over the past five academic years (2009-2014).  I am not asking for specific numbers.  Instead I am interested in where institutions have tried to get funds outside the usual institutional budget. The survey is anonymous - no name for you or your institution is asked or recorded.  There are also a few questions about the characteristics of the institution.  This is not limited to US institutions nor is it limited to universities and colleges.

I will provide summary data for the group and I hope can publish some more specific findings on possible differences in funding sources and attempts based on institutional characteristics.  The URL below will take you to the survey.


If you have any problems with the survey or questions, please feel free to contact me.  I hope we can have a good response rate as it will allow me to do a more in-depth analysis.

Thank you for your help and cooperation with this project.


Becky Lowery

Rebecca Lowery, Ph.D.
Maps Section,  Room 3-454 Daley Library
University of Illinois at Chicago

(312) 996-5277