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RUSA RSS Marketing & Promotion of Reference Services

Tags: Goals | Minutes | 2014

RUSA RSS Marketing & Promotion of Reference Services

Virtual Meeting, 09.22.2014


In Attendance: Elizabeth DeCoster, Kate Oberg, Cynthia

  1. Midwinter 2015, Chicago

Liz will be in attendance; Kate and Cynthia will not.

Liz will check with other committee members, but as of now, no in-person meeting planned.

Will hold virtual meeting during RUSA’s required time frame.

  1. Webinar

Nathaniel and Jacqueline, who presented the committee’s 2014 Annual panel, have emailed to see if we are interested in having them host a webinar on the same topic, using sales skills in libraries.

Interest is present; Liz will look into deadlines for hosting a webinar through RUSA and explore other avenues as well. 

  1. Videos

Kate mentioned an interest in exploring video marketing done by libraries, and possible collaborations with the PRX group to solicit, promote, and award videos marketing reference services and staff especially.

Ideas include creating a contest for libraries to submit their own brief promotional videos. Perhaps could be used as a preview before ALA webinars or other virtual activities.

We are also looking for ways to work with the “Just Ask” group and would be open to ideas or suggestions there.

?: Does anybody on the committee have a contact on either PRX or Just Ask?