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RBMS Conference Development Committee members: Which of the two proposals for hosting the 2016 RBMS Conference do you approve recommending to the Executive Committee, the proposal from the University of Iowa, or the proposal from the University of Miami?

This poll has closed.
University of Iowa
41% (9 votes)
University of Miami
59% (13 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 22
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Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll on the University of Iowa’s proposal to host the 2016 RBMS Conference.  This first poll was intended to get a general sense of how committee members felt about the University of Iowa's proposal on its own, but now I’d like the committee to vote on the two options (Iowa and Miami) side by side so that we can make our final recommendation to Exec for 2016.  Both proposals are attached.  Both options are for a conference that takes place in the usual time slot, immediately preceding the ALA Annual Conference.  It’s very important that everyone vote on the final recommendation to Exec, so please vote!  The poll will close in three days.

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I just want to post on behalf of the chairs (past, vice/elect, and current). We really appreciate Henry's management of this process and are grateful for his clarification regarding the purpose of the first vote. I know that some people expressed concern about the first vote - myself included - but we ultimately agreed that we supported Henry's approach to gauging interest and taking a vote, even prior to learning of his plan to post this vote. We remain unanimously supportive of Henry and would like to thank him for his leadership. ~Arvid

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Here here to Henry!




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Dear Colleagues,

I too want to thank Henry for his thoughtful and considered efforts on behalf of the 2016 RBMS Conference. This has been a challenging start for his first year as Chair of the committee and I want to recognize the effort he has committed to this process.

As not many of you know, the theme of the 2016 conference will be related to the notion of “Outreach Writ Large, Broad and Deep” (that’s just a draft working title). When Mike Kelly called and asked me to run for the position of Vice-Chair/Chair-elect, one of my first questions was regarding the location of the 2016 conference. I was delighted when he told me Orlando. It immediately resonated with me regarding the incredibly rich, diverse, multi-cultural mix that is the special milieu of Florida. We even discussed possibilities regarding Cuba! I knew immediately what theme I wanted to suggest if elected.

Both proposals are equally strong, but in different ways. As the Chair of the 2016 conference I also am concerned about the geographical hardship that many of the 400+ members we hope will attend may experience when we need to add an additional travel day as well as the expenses involved if we decide to accept the Iowa proposal.  

My primary committee chairs: Lori Dekydtspotter, Aislinn Sotelo and Will Hansen, may wish to voice their own thoughts regarding locating the conference in Miami as we finalize the vote. We, of course, plan to deliver a blockbuster conference at either location, however I believe that the Miami proposal offers us experiences that respond to the nature and spirit of the theme we have chosen in a way that the Iowa proposal does not.

Many thanks to you all for all the work you do for the section.

Cherry Williams

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I want to also add my thanks and appreciation to those involved in this process.  I do agree that the Miami proposal would be the best fit for 2016.

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Hello all,

I second Cherry's comments.  Iowa really would make a great site related to the theme of this conference, as they've done such a remarkable job at outreach, especially via social media.  However, given that there is another very strong proposal from a host that also places emphasis on innovative outreach efforts, and that would make travel much easier for those going on to ALA, I think Miami makes more sense for 2016. 


Will Hansen


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Firstly, Greg and Cristina should be commended for submitting such wonderful proposals. Both proposals have significant strengths. Being presented with both proposals, not factoring in history for how many times Iowa has submitted a proposal, I think Miami/Coral Gables proximity to Orlando makes it the more desirable location to have the 2016 RBMS Conference.

I certainly hope that I do have the opportunity to attend a conference at both locations in the future and as Co-Chair of the 2016 RBMS Conference am looking forward to working closely with either Local Arrangements whichever way the vote goes. 

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I laud Henry and his efforts to make this vote fair for all of the proposals. Of course, I'm happy to possibly have a dinner with Amish hosts in Iowa or to have an evening dance party in SoBe. Either way, I'm always excited for our summer fete!

Good to hear the Program Planning folks are availing themselves of the venues to provide us an awesome experience.



Athena N. Jackson

Associate Director

Special Collections Library

University of Michigan