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Current Activities 2014-2015

A group made up of members of ERUS and Virtual Reference Services Committee distributed a survey in August/September 2013 with the goal to assess the state of the profession in the provision of virtual reference services. The analysis stage was completed and initial results were reported to ERUS at our ALA Annual meeting. Results will be shared more broadly, and recommendations for regular surveys on this topic will be explored. 

ERUS also conducted a survey looking at reference service models and evaluation of service. At the close of the survey, we received a very large number of responses. Initial analysis of the results has begun and the goal is to disseminate the findings broadly. The committee will submit a proposal for a discussion forum at Midwinter 2015 on the this topic, with the hope that the survey results can be incorporated or used to inform the discussion. 
Update: ERUS did compile a short report based on initial survey analysis and did hold a discussion forum at Midwinter 2015 titled: “Reference Services in Transition: Changing Models and Assessing Success.”