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Conference Development Committee members: Do you approve recommending the University of Iowa's proposal to host the 2016 preconference to the Executive Committee?

This poll has closed.
55% (12 votes)
41% (9 votes)
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 22
Cherry Williams's picture

I prefer the Miami site for the 2016 conference.

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While I was impressed with the University of Iowa's proposal and presentation at our Las Vegas committee meeting, the University of Miami's proposal is equally impressive and makes much more sense for 2016. I still hold out hope that Iowa will reapply (yet again) in 2017 and beyond. 



Robert Nelsen's picture

My apologies. I posted this yesterday morning and received an email confirmation but it no longer appears online. I feel I need to abstain from the vote because I believe a fair vote should include all proposals on the table. I feel that a vote against Iowa here would imply that I think it is a bad proposal, which I do not. But I think a vote for Iowa suggests that I think it is the best option available to us, which I do not. I believe the vote should be for the best of all options open. Barring a new vote along those lines, I would be inclined to change my vote to a "nay."

Fernando Pea's picture

After reflecting on the current poll and on Arvid's comments over the last 24 hours, I believe that the fairest and most transparent vote is one that asks committee members to choose the best option from among ALL proposals on the table. For 2016, two proposals have been submitted, one from Iowa and one from Miami, and both deserve equal consideration. They should be evaluated on an equal playing field and at the same time, in one single vote. 

~J. Fernando Peña



Cherry Williams's picture

Thank you for those thoughts Fernando. i heartily agree with you.

Cherry Williams

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A strong regional proposal with characteristics available only in that location is available for 2016, and therefore I will decline to de-link the RBMS preconference from proximity with ALA in 2016. This seems appropriate, given that the call for proposals for 2016 was made with the expectation that only under unusual circumstances would regional presence not be an issue.

Haven Hawley

Edward Oetting's picture

Sorry for the delay in voting.   I don't check my email as often since I'm on sabbatical this semester.  While I think Iowa made a good presentation at Las Vegas, I expressed some concerns at that time concerning their timing and proposed venues on campus.  Therefore, I think the Miami proposal, which is also a strong one, is more "doable" for 2016.  I also hope, though, that Iowa re-submits  their proposal for a later date.