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Summary of Activities for 2013-2014

This year, the Research & Statistics Committee hosted the 20th Annual Reference Research Forum on Sunday, June 29th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  After a double-blind review process, the committee selected 3 research teams to present their results.  Ixchel Faniel, Lynn Connaway, and Kendra Parson from OCLC presented “Building Relationships for the Effective Development and Delivery of Research Data Services,” which related the results of in-depth interviews conducted with librarians on the topic of data management.  Curt Friehs presented the survey results on the use of technology by college students gathered by himself and his research partner, Jason Kaloudis, in “College Student Tech Usage: A Recent Survey of Trends”.  Finally, Jenny Bossaller and Guinevere Lawson presented their survey results of libraries and their involvement with the Affordable Care act, revealing interesting trends in “Libraries and the Affordable Care Act”.  Each presentation garnered a number of interesting questions.  The committee also reviewed and posted an annotated bibliography of articles relating to reference research for the Reference Research Review: 2013.