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September report

Reporting Period*: September 15
Name of Committee or Task Force*: Notable Children's Book Committtee
Priority Group Area *: Book & Media Awards (PGC V)
Current Chair(s)*: Edith Ching
Chair's Email*: ec.notables15@verizon.net
Co-Chair's email (if applicable):  
Incoming Chair (if known):  
Committee/Task Force Members*: Allison Barney,Keary Bramwell,Allison Gray, Chrystal Carr Jeter, Joyce Laiosa, Jennifer Smith, Bettye Loggins-Smith, Dr. Gwen Taylor, Larry Wawro, Bina Williams.
Has the committee recently reviewed its function statement to ensure the charge meets the responsibilities of the priority group area, recent changes to the professional environment, and facilitates the implementation of the ALSC Strategic Plan? Note: Recommendations should be submitted to Organizations & Bylaws. *: Yes
Work accomplished since last scheduled meeting.*: We have finished our second round of nominations, with balloting at the end of August. Our third round of nominations will occur in late September.
Summarize discussion, decisions reached, and follow-up action needed (objectives, timetable, and assignments) since your last meeting.*: One of our members wanted to continue the discussion of material we had discussed in our open meetings at mid-winter. Our committee agreed (along with the former chair) that we needed to look ahead and not continue the discussion and ALSC reminded us that such activity did not fit our mandate. It was a good way to clarify our work and to remind us all that we needed to be sure to include the important points about each book at our open formal discussions at Annual.
Please describe the activities or resources the committee has created since the last report that have specifically supported and furthered ALSC’s Strategic Plan? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/stratplan*: We continue to try to look at books across a broad spectrum of topics, from a diverse group of publishers and authors/illustrators, reflecting ALSC's commitment to diversity.
Please list other ALSC committees you think you could collaborate with on issues or projects to help further your work::  
Do you have any suggestions for future education topics, publications, or resources (such as toolkits) to be developed based on the committee’s work? Please be as detailed as possible.:  
If you are a virtual committee or task force, what is your primary method for holding meetings or communicating?:  
When you communicate electronically, how are you preserving the work of the committee for the next committee?*: Saving emails in folder to forward to next chair.
For non book and media award chairs- Did you attend or watch the online committee/task force orientation? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms (Award/Notable chairs attend a face-to-face orientation).*: Not applicable (Book or Media Award/Notable chair)
If you are the chair of a virtual committee/task force, have you reviewed the resources available in the Best Practices for Virtual Committee Work wiki? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms*: Not applicable (primarily meet face-to-face)