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Schedule of Future Sites

Here is the current schedule of future sites, for your information.  We are showing you both ALA MW and AC and Division Conference sites.  Let me know if you have questions.

For those new to the ALA Conference Committee, sites for MW and AC are approved by the ALA Executive Board.  ALA Conference Services will bring proposed sites to the ALA Conference Committee, as well as the Exhibits Round Table board, for recommendation (or not) to the ALA Executive Board.

We are often asked why we select so far in advance.  It has to do with the size and complexity of the site the ALA requires.  We are (still) utilizing about 350 *concurrent* meeting rooms for AC.  That means we require not only a large convention center but hotels with significant "conference" facilities (meeting rooms) at a reasonable distance from the convention center.  We have historically had very minimal flexibility on dates -- looking at holidays, school schedules, other conferences in the library space, etc.  All in all, it's a tricky package to put together -- and the closer we get to the year of a conference, the more likely that one or more critical piece of the package will no longer be available.  So we, like other large conference sponsors, book far in advance and then let other, smaller, conferences, work around us, instead of vice versa. 

One piece of explanation, since you are all coming from different places in ALA:  The ACRL and PLA conferences are spring conferences; the AASL conferences are in the fall.  So the ACRL conference in 2015 will come between ALA MW and ALA AC; the 2015 AASL conference will come between the 2015 ALA AC and the 2016 ALA MW. 

Let me know if you have questions.


Dale McNeill's picture

Thanks so much for sharing the list. I simply want to commend the work of all involved. I've planned 4 tiny conferences (one hotel only) and know how difficult just that tiny kind of event is--far more difficult than I had imagined before planning the first one. While I have my favorite cities for ALA events (Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, and San Francisco), I find something to enjoy about each city. 



Dale McNeill

Texas Chapter Councilor

Daniel Cornwall's picture

I'd like to add my thanks to Dale's. Both for the list and for the explanation of why ALA plans so far ahead. I knew some of this in writing, but as a Councilor it is good to have it in writing to share with my constituents. 

Daniel Cornwall

Alaska Chapter Councilor

Member, Depository Library Council


Mary Hastler's picture

Mary, thanks so much for sharing and it is such a difficult task to manage.  Nice job to your team!

Mary Hastler, CEO, Harford County Public Library 1221-A Brass Mill Road Belcamp, MD 21017 hcplonline.org