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Programs, Preconferences/Institutes, Tours approved for 2015, RUSA

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Advocating for a Library Future

How do we protect our libraries for future generations? Despite overwhelming community support for libraries, budget cuts have reduced hours and services; prompted layoffs, hiring freezes, and deprofessionalization; and threatened collections and locations. Learn how library workers have united with patrons to preserve adequately staffed libraries and expand essential services in a “more with less” environment.

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I received this update and submitted with your program info.

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Everything looks good to me for the Annual Reference Research Forum.  Thank you, Susan and Ann, for keeping me on track!





Ava M. Brillat

University of Miami

Richter Library

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“Not Elsewhere Classified”:  Researching New and Niche Industries

How do librarians teach business students and entrepreneurs the research techniques for a budding industry or market?  How do we help our clients get ahead of an emerging industry or a new idea?  Learn from experts about how to locate and evaluate information on leading-edge industries, assess markets, and lead your clients in making strategic decisions when their business crosses traditional NAICS code boundaries or is part of a new field.

At this time the only confirmed speaker we have is Laura Young, Research Analyst at Austin Ventures and co-founder of Bizologie.  All the other information in the speaker section should be deleted.




Diane K. Campbell

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I received this update and submitted with your program info.

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Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs

What are common misconceptions about IP among new entrepreneurs? An IP attorney will discuss disputes and challenges startups are facing. Librarians and entrepreneurs will also get tips from experts on effective patent and trademark searching and learn about Patent and Trademark Resource Centers and best practices in library collaboration with the university commercialization office.

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I'm reducing our program description to the following:

How has the Common Core impacted librarianship, including outreach, collection development decisions (including budgeting), information literacy strategies, and workload as a whole?  Has the Common Core increased information literacy/instruction portion of our jobs?  Have libraries developed specific working strategies as a result of the common core?  What are some recommendations or caveats to a new librarian not experienced in the Common Core?  Join us for a discussion on these issues by a cross-disciplined panel of experts.

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I've updated this description and submitted with session info.

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Hello Leighann,

Here are the changes to the RA Forum program:

Title: Reading into the Future: Tips and Tools for Staying on Top of the Book World



It’s a big book world, and someone’s gotta read it. Keeping up with the burgeoning world of publishing and popular culture can appear daunting, but it can be done! Be the first to know (instead of the last to hear) about reading trends and hot new titles.

Join a panel of experts who will share practical techniques and invaluable resources to help you keep up with the current literary scene. Learn strategies to maximize your reading time, stay ahead of your patrons, and position yourself as a crucial literary resource in your library community.

Estimated Attendance: 250


I will be back with speaker details as soon as I get institutional affiliations etc.

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I've added these updates to the submission info.

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History Section Local History Committee program title change (per Janalyn Moss):

The current title is Asian American Records and Local History.

The new title should be Connecting Communities: Documenting and Sharing Asian American Heritage

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I've updated this title and submitted it with the session info.

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Here are our final updates:

Title:  ”Library Guides in an Era of Discovery Layers”

Description: Panelists will discuss the relevance, role, and practical optimization of library guides in light of both discovery layers and enhanced platforms such as LibGuides v2.