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ALA Committee Report: ALA Conference Committee, 2013-2014

Attached, on behalf of 2013-2014 ALA Conference Committee Chair Jan Sanders, is the report on ALA Conference Committee activities in 2013-2014, through the 2014 ALA Annual Conference.


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I'd like to thank both Mary Ghikas and Jan Sanders for making this report available. 

I'd also like to endorse the idea of repeating high demand sessions. While I think this would benefit everyone, it would be especially good for ALA members who spend a lot of their conferences in committee work in one way or another. 

Daniel Cornwall

Alaska Chapter Councilor

Member, Depository Library Council


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We still need to continue the conversation abnout MW in time for the Fall Budget meeting, correct?
If yes, should we break that into another thread?
(did I miss an existing thread on this somewhere else?)

  • At the 2014 Annual Conference, reviewed a Council resolution on programs at the Midwinter Meeting, referred from the ALA Budget Analysis and Review Committee.
    • Reviewed a background document (MW Program Discussion – publicly posted on the committee’s ALA Connect site).
    • Invited Jennifer Boettcher (RUSA Councilor and proposer) to the meeting to clarify intent and to participate in the discussion. 
    • Explored various options.  Discussion indicated little support for any significant expansion of the Midwinter Meeting footprint, i.e., there is no desire for a second annual.  The policy as it exists allows for “limited” programming, with authorization of the ALA Executive Board.  That authority has, for instance, been utilized to add a limited number of “Auditorium” programs to Midwinter.  The ALA Conference Committee will continue this discussion over the coming months, with the intent to respond to the ALA Budget Committee prior to their Fall 2014 Meeting, so that BARC can, in turn, respond to the ALA Council.
    • Related to the discussion of programming at Midwinter, there was a discussion of Discussion/Interest/Member Initiative Group content – at both Midwinter and Annual.  Discussion focused on the tug become agility/currency and planning/communication.  There was general consensus that the content provided by these groups is valuable, but still no consensus on an effective resolution to the question of how to best manage the conflict between agility/currency and planning/communication.


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian