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Minutes of the Meeting - Annual 2014 - ACRL STS Science Resources

American Library Association

Association of College and Research Libraries

Science and Technology Section

Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee

Minutes of the Meeting

Held as part of the STS All-Committees Meeting at the 2014 Annual Conference in Las Vegas

Saturday, 28 June 2014

8:30 am - 10:00 am

LVH (Las Vegas Hotel) - Pavilion 09



Members Present: Jennifer W. Roach (in-coming co-chair), Larayne J. Dallas (co-chair and recorder)


Guests: (in-coming member) Angela Davis, Ken Lin, Alana Verminski, Ibi (Ronke) Lawal


Members not able to attend: Sandra Barclay, Laura L. Barnes, Khue D. Duong, Betty Landesman (co-chair), Carolyn Rauber, Amanda L. Whitmire


Committee charge: To provide a forum for exchange of information relating to discovery of and access to science and technology resources. Serve as a channel/clearinghouse to identify concerns, problems, issues, trends, standards, and best practices. Propose projects and present them to the appropriate STS Committees.


Agenda topics:                                                      

  1. Introductions                                                             
  2. Updates from STS Council                                        
  3. Committee webpages and work promised                 
  4. Still trying to find next projects                                 
  5. Assignments to members                                           
  6. Next meeting/Midwinter planning                             
  7. Other topics?                                                              
  8. Adjourn                                                                      


Meeting Summary:

Attendance and Introductions: Members were disappointed that a lack of Internet access kept Amanda Whitmire from participating in the meeting (via FaceTime).  It was great to have in attendance in-coming member Angela Davis and three visitors, Ken Lin, Alana Verminski, and Ibi (Ronke) Lawal.


Updates from STS Council: Larayne noted a few topics from the Council discussion of the night before.  These included a reminder of the hearing at the conference on ACRL’s Information Literacy guidelines and a focus at the 2015 ACRL Conference on data management.  Also, members of each committee were asked to consider and report back their answer to this question: Does the committee need to meet face-to-face?  The conclusion was that this committee does not require face-to-face meetings, though we value face-to-face discussion. 


Web Pages and Promised Work: This part of the discussion concerned a status report from Larayne.  Members had previously determined that meeting minutes (from past years) should be copied from ALA Connect to the committee’s web pages.  Larayne said that she had not forgotten her promise to make that request.


Committee Projects: Committee members were looking for a good project.  For several months after the Midwinter (virtual) meeting, members attempted to form a project around the topic of encouraging and facilitating access to data sets.  Members learned from the effort but did not find a project to pursue.  Larayne reported on a pre-Annual conference call with Betty Landesman (committee co-chair) and Matt Marsteller (Chair of STS).  Hearing about discouragement on the committee, Matt had encouraged cooperative efforts with other STS groups. 


In discussing new work for the committee, these topics were mentioned:

Updating a guide previously produced by the committee

Advocating for improved interfaces for databases

Setting best practices

Working with other STS groups:

-ACLR/STS Scholarly Communications Committee

-ACRL/STS Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group

-ACRL/STS Information Literacy Committee

Problematic open access providers

Integration with discovery services products

Setting long-term and short-term goals for discovery improvement.

Known problem-societies; that is, societies whose services fall below expected norms

Working around issues with publishers

Rewarding the better publishers

Identifying barriers to discovery and access was agreed upon as the topic to explore.  Jennifer proposed creating a Google Doc to collect the list of barriers.  The next step would be to group these to find themes and then to identify a group with which to work.  We also agreed on the need for a virtual meeting in the fall. 


Assignments and next meetings.  Jennifer agreed to create the Google doc and to invite contributions from participants, including the meeting guests and out-going members.  The plan was to set mid-August as the deadline for input.  Larayne would be responsible for arranging a virtual meeting in mid-September.  Members agreed to hold a Midwinter on-site meeting for those attending the conference.