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Accidental Map Librarian

Accidental Map Librarian 2.0

This webinar is a follow up to the presentation Accidental Map Librarian presented at ALA in Las Vegas in June. Digital or paper maps can pop up in anyone’s collection. Whether you inherited official map duties or are struggling with a few unexpected items, this webinar will answer your questions and also give you information on aerial photographs.


This webinar is sponsored by the Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT) of the American Library Association and the Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML). For more information about these organizations, see http://www.ala.org/magirt/and http://www.waml.org/


Hallie Pritchett and Katherine Rankin

Hallie Pritchett has managed large academic map collections for over a decade, first at the University of Minnesota's John R. Borchert Map Library and currently as head of the Univ. of Georgia's new Map and Government Information Library and Past Chair of MAGIRT. Katherine Rankin has been the special collections cataloger at the Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries since July 2006. She also catalogs maps and is active in both the Western Association of Map Libraries and ALA MAGIRT.

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 Accidental Map Librarian 2.0
When: Monday 28 July 2014, 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US and Canada) (Please note that Daylight Saving Time (+01:00 hr) is in effect during this time)
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is it known when the next webinar will be held? I could not, unfortunately, attend this one.


With best regards,


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Hi Allan,

Are you referring to a "next webinar" as being one on this same topic, the Accidental Map Librarian? Or on any topic that MAGIRT can uncover and put together a meaningful learning experience as we have done regularly over the past couple of years -- and intend to keep on doing? I'm going to assume that you mean another webinar on the Accidental Map Librarian.

There are no current plans to create a webinar from the live presentation delivered at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference, though if we have willing volunteers to put the time and effort into it it could be done. A "live" webinar with both video and audio would take some time to put together I'm sure. However, the followup webinar that was delivered on July 28th IS available for anyone to view/listen to! It is on our MAGIRT website at the Training and Presentations tab, on the left side of the screen: http://magirt.ala.libguides.com/trainingsandpresentations 

If you're interested also in other future geospatial/map/similar webinars please do not hesitate to provide suggestions here, or directly to the MAGIRT Chair (me, at pga2@psu.edu) or the chair of MAGIRT's Education Committee, Wade Bishop (wade.bishop@utk.edu). We are actively working on what next to deliver to the MAGIRT membership and beyond but do welcome all suggestions.

Thanks for your interest and stay in touch!


Paige Andrew, Chair, MAGIRT

Paige Andrew

Maps Cataloging Librarian (rank of Librarian), Penn State University

Vice-Chair, Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT), and 

Co-Editor, Journal of Map & Geography Libraries