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Organization and Planning Committee Meeting Minute ALA Annual 2014

2014 STS Organization and Planning Committee Minutes

Las Vegas Hotel Pavilion 09

Saturday 8:30 am June 28th, 2014

Present: Kiyomi Deards, Ricardo Andrade, Beth Blanton-Kent, Emily Frank, Mary Lynn Bergstrom, David Romito, Scott Lapinski

1. Introductions

2. Update from Council I meeting

Andrade reported on Council I meeting, each section was asked to consider whether it wanted to meet virtually or in person. There was concern that meeting in person would reduce the number of people willing to serve on STS committees. The committee decided that business meetings should be virtual as needed with at least one virtual meeting scheduled approximately one month before the ALA annual conference. Other virtual meetings will be scheduled as needed. Members asked if there was any way to record Council I and Council II and/or provide virtual access, comments will be passed on to the STS Chair. Updated language will need to be crafted for the website since the committee decided to meet virtually. Deards and Romito will work on this.

3.  Discuss the compilation of the annual report on STS efforts to implement the ACRL Plan for Excellence

Deards will send out reminder to STS Council the Friday after ALA Annual for people to turn in their sections activities for the report.

4. New Business


5. Other Business


6. Adjourned 8:55am.

Respectfully submitted July 21, 2014 by Kiyomi Deards