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How to promote ASCLA?

What has been done that was successful in the past? What didn't work?

Is there a way to encourage more interaction at the ASCLA socials?  I noticed at the ones I have attended at Midwinter and at the last 2 conferences it seems that people stick to their own groups. That can be hard for new people who don't want to interrupt or intrude.

I'm new to Membership Promotion and I am the sole committee member.  Help is greatly appreciated.

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Great question, Elizabeth. I have attended two luncheons of the consultants interest group and those have been worthwhile events in terms of meeting new people. The group is smaller so that makes it easier to mingle. Some divisions and RTs have 101 sessions. I personally enjoy "speed" events that allow you to meet members one-on-one. Without some type of coordinated activity, people are going to socialize with those they already know. It's a good time to catch up.

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I have been active in ASCLA, but also in "big ALA" including service as chair of the ALA Membership Committee. You should reach out to the other divisional folks who are on that committee. Each division has a rep, you should go to the meetings, too! You will hear some of how ALA is doing it, and also learn from the other units of ALA as well as the Chapters (both ALA Chapters and the chapters in the big divisions which have them - I am thinking of ACRL and AASL).

I have always touted ASCLA as the easiest to get involved with because of the "intimacy" of being the smallest division. It is easy to find folks you like and enjoy in our division.

Good luck!

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When I was at Annual 2014, I thought of a ASCLA membership campaign theme: "Ask me about ASCLA" Current ASCLA members could use the "Ask me about ASCLA" in email signature files with a link to the ASCLA website. ASCLA could print badge ribbons with the slogan to wear at conferences.

Another idea would be to ask the regional organizations (e.g., COSLINE) to promote ASCLA membership at it's gatherings. ASCLA might consider encouraging the COSLA Chiefs to promote ASCLA membership in their libraries or agencies.

Donna Longo DiMichele, OLIS



Donna Longo DiMichele

RI Office of Library and Information Services

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Lots of great ideas. I appreciate them all.