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Quarterly report - May 15, 2014

Reporting Period*: May 15
Name of Committee or Task Force*: Library Services to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers
Priority Group Area *: Child Advocacy (PGC I)
Current Chair(s)*: Africa Hands
Chair's Email*: asheri@rocketmail.com
Co-Chair's email (if applicable):  
Incoming Chair (if known):  
Committee/Task Force Members*: Jordan Boaz
Sara E. Hathaway
Rebecca Anne Hickman
Amy Seto Musser
Amanda Struckmeyer
Lesley Mason
Has the committee recently reviewed its function statement to ensure the charge meets the responsibilities of the priority group area, recent changes to the professional environment, and facilitates the implementation of the ALSC Strategic Plan? Note: Recommendations should be submitted to Organizations & Bylaws. *: Yes
Work accomplished since last scheduled meeting.*: Since the last meeting the committee has been working on creating a resource "kit" for librarians serving special populations.
Summarize discussion, decisions reached, and follow-up action needed (objectives, timetable, and assignments) since your last meeting.*: The committee agreed to sponsor a program at Annual by committee member Jordan Boaz.
Please describe the activities or resources the committee has created since the last report that have specifically supported and furthered ALSC’s Strategic Plan? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/stratplan*: The committee continues work on the resource "kit" with each member contributing a piece about a special population. This resource will support all three areas of ALSC's strategic plan. The aim is to support librarians and others in their work in making services available to children and their caregivers as well as to educate librarians on resources and highlight special populations for which advocacy is needed.

The committee continues to submit blog posts to the ALSC blog relevant to service to special populations. We will have one guest post from Barbara Klipper.

Committee chair and members participated in the March ALSC Community Forums on the impact of poverty on library use by children.

Please list other ALSC committees you think you could collaborate with on issues or projects to help further your work:: Children and Libraries Editorial Advisory Committee regarding the Light the Way grant. The committee chair expressed interest in an article from the grant recipient.
Do you have any suggestions for future education topics, publications, or resources (such as toolkits) to be developed based on the committee’s work? Please be as detailed as possible.: An e-book of committee blog posts can supplement the proposed toolkit on special populations. It would be useful for librarians to have access to all the blog posts in one space.
If you are a virtual committee or task force, what is your primary method for holding meetings or communicating?: Email, Conference calls
When you communicate electronically, how are you preserving the work of the committee for the next committee?*: Posting minutes in committee's ALA Connect space.
For non book and media award chairs- Did you attend or watch the online committee/task force orientation? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms (Award/Notable chairs attend a face-to-face orientation).*: Yes
If you are the chair of a virtual committee/task force, have you reviewed the resources available in the Best Practices for Virtual Committee Work wiki? http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms*: Yes