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C&RL Editorial Board Minutes - Annual 2014

College & Research Libraries Editorial Board

ALA Annual Meeting

June 29, 2014

8:30 am - 10:00 am

Bally – Skyview 4


Members present: Don Gilstrap (Acting Chair), Lori Mestre

Guests present: Penny Beile, John Budd, Priscilla Finley, Emily Ford, David Free, Mark Stover

Note: attendance information is incomplete.

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by Gilstrap. The Board discussed the following agenda items:

Announcements and Additions to Agenda

Request to consider developing an “Assessment in Action” Special Issue in 2016.

Board Transitions

Gilstrap thanked members whose terms are concluding with this conference for their contributions to the journal and welcomed incoming members who joined this meeting as guests prior to the official start of their terms after Annual 2014.

C&RL Report to Publications Coordinating Committee

Committee members discussed the report provided to PCC and currently available on the committee’s Connect site.

C&RL Social Media Program Update

Gilstrap shared Steiner’s report on the social media program, which is also included in the C&RL report to PCC. Social media engagement continues to increase on Facebook and Twitter and C&RL has now hosted two successful online forum programs.

Post-meeting update: The next C&RL Online Forum (“Mapping Library Contributions to Campus Internationalization”) has been scheduled for July 23rd.

75th Anniversary Special Issue

The committee discussed the current status of the special issue, noting the continued need to identify authors for 2 remaining companion essays. Walter will reach out to ACRL Leadership for additional suggestions.

The committee also discussed initial plans for the proposed program at ACRL 2015, including:

  • The program could focus on the articles and commentaries published in the special issue, e.g., inviting authors to discuss the ongoing relevance of these articles, their impact on current research agendas.
  • The program could take a broader focus, perhaps in collaboration with Research Coordinating Committee, to discuss necessary research questions not currently being pursued in C&RL, opportunities to foster greater connection across ACRL research efforts and publications, etc.

Discussion of the special issue, as well as feedback received from former C&RL editors during the selection process, led to a broader discussion of the future of the journal, e.g., we have received feedback suggestion that the journal has lost its historic role in providing a platform for leading academic librarians to contribute “thought” pieces and has focused on sometimes narrowly focused “research” studies that may contribute less to the progress of broader research agendas. Might the Portland program provide an opportunity to discuss opportunities made possible by the move to all-digital publication to connect research training and writing efforts across the Association, or to add additional “departments” to the journal that would allow for different sorts of writing to be included?

Walter will communicate with the 75th Anniversary TF, the Portland Conference Coordinating Committee, and the Research Coordinating Committee to gather feedback on the direction for the program at Portland.

Post-meeting update: Lorcan Dempsey  reached out to Walter following the meeting to independently ask similar questions regarding the role that C&RL might play as a “platform publication” for academic librarianship similar to the role EDUCAUSE Review has come to play for IT-related fields in higher education. The committee was referred to a 2010 blog entry on this topic by Dempsey for future discussion (http://orweblog.oclc.org/archives/002139.html). Committee members might also consider the upcoming issue of portal: Libraries and the Academy, which collects a number of “futures” essays responding to a similar perception of a gap in the literature [pre-prints available at http://www.press.jhu.edu/cgi-bin/portal_pre_print_display.cgi (select “Current”)].

Open Peer Review Pilot

Ford presented her updated proposal for an “open peer review” pilot to be explored by C&RL. Committee members continued to raise concerns regarding OPR as an alternative to traditional peer review and also suggested that any pilot would require a clearer set of procedures for recruitment of content and of reviewers. Committee members also asked that an assessment component be built into any pilot so that data on the pilot’s success (or not) could be employed in any decision regarding whether or not to continue to provide OPR as an option for authors submitting to C&RL. Given continued concern regarding support for the pilot, as well as the transition in committee members, no decision was made regarding whether or not to proceed with the proposed pilot.

C&RL Editor-in-Chief Search

Free updated the committee on the process to be followed in selecting the next Editor-in-Chief. The call for nominations was disseminated prior to the meeting and is available at (http://www.ala.org/news/press-releases/2014/06/applicationsnominations-invited-crl-editor). The selection committee will include 3 members of the editorial board and Free encouraged those with an interest in serving to contact him. The deadline for applications for the position is October 31st.

Enhancements to C&RL Web Presence

Free noted that article-level metrics are now available as part of the “services” menu found on every article on the Web site. Free also noted that digital object identifiers (DOIs) will be included for all C&RL content beginning with the July 2014 issue.

Free updated the committee on the previously-announced transition at Highwire Press from Stanford University Library to a commercial platform, and noted that this transitioned has slowed progress on related projects, including the addition of DOIs to backfile content and the application of altmetrics. Free anticipates that these projects will be concluded this summer, but that all other projects discussed to enhance the journal’s Web presence will be placed on hold while discussions continue regarding the future of Highwire and the continued relationship between ACRL and Highwire in terms of its journal publishing.

“Assessment in Action” Special Issue (2016)

The committee discussed the request from Kara Malenfant (co-PI, “Assessment in Action”) to produce a special issue of the journal in 2016 that would disseminate selected studies growing out of the first 2 cohorts of the AiA project. Committee members raised concerns regarding timing and the nature of the practitioner-orientation of the research results found in early reports from AiA Cohort I members. The committee supports the idea of producing the special issue, but will wish to work closely with AiA guest editors to select appropriate work from the many studies supported by AiA in cohorts I and II. Walter will follow-up with Malenfant to discuss timeline, content recruitment and selection, etc.

Midwinter 2015

The committee confirmed that its Midwinter 2015 meeting will be conducted virtually. Walter will arrange a meeting time in the Fall and announce it on Connect.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.