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Instruction for Educators Committee - ALA Meeting Minutes June 2014

ALA / EBSS Committee Meeting Notes

Date: June 28, 2014

Committee name: Instruction for Educators Committee

Name of person submitting meeting notes: Ann Medaille & Cheryl Goldenstein
Members present: Samantha Godbey, Annie Armstrong, Cheryl Goldenstein, Mona Anne Niedbala, Amrita Madray, and Ann Medaille

Members excused: Imelda Vetter, Katherine Hanz, Deidra Herring, Anne Driscoll, Katherine Bohnenkamper, Shawn Vaillancourt, Marjie Ruppel, Tiffeni Fontno, and Jacqueline Sipes


Time and place convened: Las Vegas Hotel - Pavilion 11

Convener: Ann Medaille

Time convened: 9:15 am

Approval of notes from prior meeting:

Minutes from the Midwinter Meeting were approved virtually over email.

Agenda items:

The group’s first discussion in the meeting centered on the recent completion of the Rubric for Assessing the Information Literacy Standards for Teacher Education and how we could publicize the rubric. Ideas were:

  1. Propose a roundtable discussion for ACRL. Mona will take the lead on submitting the proposal; Annie, Samantha, and Amrita will contribute. Cheryl will email our poster proposal to the group as background information for the roundtable submission. A tentative plan for the discussion is to present the rubric and then discuss examples of how to use it. We could also talk about our model guide (see below).
  2. Prepare a model LibGuide based on the rubric and IL Standards for Teacher Education. Annie recently co-authored an article about a study that analyzed the instructional content of guides. The committee could create a guide that includes examples of how to use the rubric. Annie will email her article to the group, create a guide template, and invite other members as collaborators on the guide. We will set up a shared document on Google Drive to brainstorm and outline our goals and best practices for the guide. The next step will be breaking the guide into sections and getting volunteers to complete the content for those sections. Everyone should read Annie’s article and contribute ideas about learning outcomes based on the standards to the shared document in preparation for an early December virtual meeting.
  3. Submit an announcement for the EBSS newsletter. Highlight the rubric as one of our committee’s activities.

The group then moved on to a discussion about future projects. We are interested in the impact of the new IL Framework on our standards. An idea we could pursue down the road is developing a clearinghouse for learning objects and assignments based on the teacher education standards. We could bridge our standards to concepts in the IL Framework.

We also talked about connecting our standards with other national standards. Ann shared copies of InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards, CAEP standards, and Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. We discussed whether these standards actually apply to what we’re doing, though we could create a resource that outlines standards education librarians need to be aware of. Another potential project is reviewing books about the Common Core. Ann will talk with other EBSS leadership to see if other committees are developing resources related to Common Core.

Our next meeting will be a virtual meeting in early December. Mona suggested using BigBlueButton for the meeting and she will check on how many participants it will support. We will meet again virtually in early spring to focus on the library guide.

Time adjourned: 10:45 am


Action items:

  • Mona, Annie, Samantha & Amrita: Create and submit a roundtable proposal for ACRL.
  • Annie: Send out a link to eh article about the instructional content of guides.
  • All: Read or skim Annie’s article prior to the December meeting and think about possible topic areas for a LibGuide based on the rubric and standards.
  • Mona: Investigate feasibility of using BigBlueButton for virtual committee meetings.
  • Ann: Investigate whether other EBSS committees are developing resources related to the Common Core.