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Minutes- 2014 ALA Annual Committee Meeting


ALA/ EBSS Committee Meeting Notes

Date: July 10, 2014

Committee Name: ACRL EBSS ERIC Users Committee

Name of person submitting meeting notes: Katherine Farmer

Members present: Sarah Baker (chair), Tiffany Baglier, Katherine Farmer, Kate Zoeilner, Beth Broyles

Members excused: Mary Cassner, Anne Buchanan, Todd Shipman

Guests: Erin Pollard, Pamela Tripp-Melby

Time and place convened: Saturday, June 28, 9:15 AM, Las Vegas Hotel, Pavilion 11

Convener: Sarah Baker



I.            Welcome & introductions

  • Those who attended the meeting were introduced.
  • Members attending:  Sarah Baker, Chair; Katherine Farmer; Beth Broyles; Tiffany Baglier; Kate Zoeilner
  • Guests: Erin Pollard, ERIC Project Manager; Pamela Tripp-Melby, Director of National Education Library;  

II.           Call for additions/revisions to the agenda

  • No items were added to the agenda.

III.          Approval of mid-winter meeting minutes

  • Minutes from the Mid-Winter Virtual Meeting were approved.

IV.          ERIC updates

  • ERIC Presentation at ALA will be Sunday at 1pm and archived presentation will be made available next week. Notification of archived presentation will be made through ERIC news flash. 
  • In August, ERIC implemented a new website that works differently than the old site.  They are now working on fine tuning the website.  
    • Specifically, they are working on thesaurus and the advance search.  They have spent a lot of time working on the back-end of the website to make things work easier.  
      • They will be working on other issues on advance searching indexing issues.  They would like to know examples of current ways the search box is not meeting needs.  
  • Online submission for new documents and publications will be live the week of July 7.  
  • Indexing of new material has resumed.  
  • They will be working more on user outreach.  Soon they will only be staffing the help desk at 9 am to 7pm M-Fr for saving money and then have personal responses within 12 hours.  They are adding videos for explaining how to search.  The cost savings will then be invested in ERIC.
  • They really want our feedback on how the website and searching is working.
    • They need examples of specific searching failing in ERIC.  The search engine works differently than before.  What search and how it didn't work as they would like.  Comparing it against a vendor search.  They need why it was not successful.
    • At the presentation, they will show why being lazy with your search could find better results. This is part of the search problem for ERIC.
    • The committee discussed an email to the list-serv for a call for examples of search examples.
      • Email would needs to detail the history of the change to the website and call for issues and comments.  
      • ERIC asked for any problems any members attending the meeting might be happening. 
        • Sarah Baker mentioned not being able to link out to the collection from ERIC anymore and asked when it will be coming back.
        • ERIC stated that the next piece they will be working on the linking holdings piece which they have put off due to the creation of online submission on the new website.   
        • The solution will not be Google based.  They may have to do something custom.
        • ERIC stated they have been vague about what they can say about the transition to the new website due to federal regulations.  
          • They wished they could have been more open about the problems and transitions at ERIC, but due to federal regulations and contract bidding procedures they could not.
          • The old website was changed because it was not in line with federal policy specifically security protocols for the website.  
          • My ERIC was a great way to hack the ERIC site.  
          • Changes to the website were also held up because the transition to the new contract was held up.  
          • ERIC is hoping to have everything finished with the website in the next year.
          • The changes were cost savings and helped to make indexing affordable.
          • They will be able to be more transparent as time goes.
          • In 2016/2017 ERIC will move to an API.  It could be sooner.  This controls how the website acts.
          • PDF Update-
            • Last year at ALA 2013, they had 5 years of restoration to go.  
            • After ALA 2013, ERIC changed the plan, and as of Monday all pdfs that could be scanned digitally are back online.  
            • There are two group that can't be released.  
              • Group 1 is due to SS#.   PDF pending link will be removed from this group. This group was 600. The microfiche number will be there, and patrons can still access the microfilm.    
              • Group 2 is due bad microfiche copies.  ERIC is currently working on this group.  They hope to rescan the microfiche and upload the new copy.  The plan is to complete this in the next year.  There are approximately 20,000 in this group.   Most are historical documents.  Documents were determined to be unreadable by computers.  
  • The problem with the full-text documents was discovered because of a project 3 years ago to make the pdfs searchable.  They tried to make Google make the pdfs searchable.  When they did this, the social security issue was found.  
  • The new plan cost savings is being used to restore the pdfs.  
  • They may want to ask a larger audience as to how to approach the 20,000 backlog.  These are least 10 years old.  They believe the problem happened in the digitalization process.  
  • ERIC Topic pages.  
    • They are creating 18 topics pages on major education topics with subtopics and links to other resources.  
    • Each topic page will have a 2000 word summary that is peer-review.  They will be official IES publications.
    •  They hope they will be really useful to novice users.
    • May be available in January 2015.  Definitely by June 2015.  

V.           Questions/ comments from the committee

  • None

VI.          Other business

  • None

Meeting Adjourned.