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Minutes- 2014 Virtual Midwinter Committee Meeting

ALA/ EBSS Committee Meeting Notes

Committee Name: ERIC Users Committee

Name of Person submitting meeting notes: Anne Buchanan

Committee members present:  Sarah Baker (chair), Lucy Rush, Judy Walker, Mary Cassner, Katherine Farmer,  Joanna Gadsby, Anne Buchanan

Guests: Ann Breitenwischer, Lettycia Terrones, Pamela Tripp- Melby: Library Director, National Library of Education, Erin Pollard: ERIC Project Officer

ERIC Team:  Dave Brady, Nancy Cawley, Fern Frusti, Kathleen McLaughlin, Judy Beck, Michael Maggioncalda 

Time and Place convened: January 13, 2014, 3pm EST via conference call

Convener: Sarah Baker


Agenda- EBSS/ ERIC Users Committee Virtual Midwinter Meeting 2014

I.       Welcome & Introductions

II.      Call for additions/revisions to the agenda


III.     ERIC Update --- Erin Pollard

This has been an eventful year, a transition period with a lot of changes in ERIC and with a new team.

          A.      PDF restoration process - At annual we were working to restore the PDF’s that were restricted due to personally identifiable information.  The process has been shortened expected completion date by 3.5 years at a considerable savings. We are now releasing 6500-7000 PDF’s a week on Friday afternoons.   89,000 documents have been released since ALA annual.  Still under 2000 to go and will be completed this year by ALA annual.  This does not included the Peace Corp and peer review documents and those published after 2005. The project will be done 2 years after the first documents were taken off- line. 

          B.      Resuming indexing - Indexing was delayed with government shut down and with the new contract.  Since late October, 3800 new records have been added and the plan is to increase volume to 1000 new records per week.    The full ERIC index, monthly updates, and the thesaurus will be available in downloadable form to vendors who might want to develop an app.  New records will be available to aggregators shortly.    

          C.      Selection policy –New selection policy went into effect on January 2nd.  This was completed in consultation with a selection advisory group. On January 29th, ERIC will conduct a webinar on the new selection policy.  It will be posted later next week but contact Erin earlier if you would like to attend.  The goal is to make ERIC more education research focused/ relevant  by increasing (1) rigorous and relevant full text non-peer review research (conference papers, reports, etc.) (2) full- text peer- reviewed research, and (3) peer-reviewed citation only research. The focus is to expand access to full text.   The new policy only applies to new sources beginning January and going forward.  New policy’s focus is 4000 articles per month and to make sure each article is a better fit because it has a narrow scope with no back log of material.

        D.     New website- The new site went live in August and will be steadily adding new features.  There will continue to be a lot of improvements in the next several months.  It should be more user friendly and new tools will be added regularly.  ERIC is always interested in suggestions for improvements. E-mail Erin with suggestions. They have been working on the indexing workflow to add content more quickly to the site. The next additions will be the user submission system scheduled to go live in March and the ability for vendors to download the thesaurus and database.  ERIC will be announcing additions to the website through social media and through the listserv.

          D.      Topic pages - The pages will focus on the state of the field, hot topics, and subtopics to help novice users obtain a Wikipedia type understanding and provide references and links to good resources.  These will be announced through ERIC’s social media channels/ blasts. They hope to get previews to us.   

          E.      ERIC webinars - Webinars will be used to talk to different audiences about new ERIC projects  and get feedback.  Two examples of upcoming webinars are the one concerned with selection policy in January and another through the GPO for depository libraries about ERIC basics in February.

          F.      Open access – In the process of developing a plan to make the text of the peer-reviewed articles produced from government research grants freely available through ERIC. Still waiting for approval on the policy language.   The publication guidelines are 2012 for an IES grant or 2013 and after non IES Department of Ed grants. All grantees will be required to submit their publications to ERIC.  After up to a one year embargo, articles will be made freely available through ERIC.

User submission functionality is currently being rebuilt in ERIC. This will be the mechanism through which Department of Education grantees will deposit their articles.

 IV. Questions/ comments from the committee-

Faculty wants to know when user submissions will be possible again in ERIC?

 If they are funded by IES now… Dept. of Ed they will take now…If neither, then will accept in March.  ERIC wants to be sure new articles meet the new selection policy.

How does an open access journal get submitted to ERIC? Would this go through the submission process?

Team is reviewing all sources currently indexed in ERIC under the new selection policy.  Then they will look at new journals/ open access journals.  If you would like to suggest a journal, e-mail Erin the title and she will forward it to the reviewing team.  erin.pollard@ed.gov

If a graduate student has multiple documents, how does s/he request them since the form is gone?

 If the student has time the documents will be added later this semester.   You can also e-mail Erin the list and she can give a sense when documents will be posted.  erin.pollard@ed.gov

V.      Other Business


Lucy Rush motioned the meeting to adjourn.  Judy Walker second the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 3:34.