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CaMMS Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group Report on the 2014 ALA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV

The ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging & Classification Research Interest Group met at the ALA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, on Sunday, June 29, 2014. Twenty-six people attended three presentations that addressed issues ranging from cataloging of cartographic materials in RDA, to beginning cataloging courses in library schools, to findability of ebooks in libraries’ catalogs and discovery systems.

Enerel Dambiinyam, Assistant Professor and Cataloging Librarian, Middle Tennessee State University, and Rachel Jaffe, Metadata Librarian, University of California, Santa Cruz, were installed as the incoming co-chairs of CCRIG.  Wendy West, Head of Catalog Management Services, University at Albany, State University of New York, was elected as incoming vice-chair.

Karen Snow, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University, and Gretchen Hoffman, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University, presented "What makes an effective cataloging course? : A study of the factors that promote learning". The presentation described a recent study that identified the elements of a beginning cataloging course that help students learn cataloging and how the instructor's approach to teaching cataloging contributes to this learning. The research asked two questions: 1.“What elements of a beginning cataloging course help students learn cataloging?”, and 2. “Does the instructor's approach to teaching beginning cataloging (including course content, course design and delivery, assessment, etc.) affect student learning and attitudes toward cataloging? ” Presenters shared the results of their initial research and stressed a need to have additional studies done on the topic.

Catherine Sassen, Principal Catalog Librarian, University of North Texas Libraries, presented "Cataloging that works: How to make e-books findable".This presentation focused on results of a study conducted to determine if the inclusion of summary notes and/or table of contents notes in catalog records is associated with higher usage of e-books in a large university library. The presenter shared such findings, as titles with recent publication dates were used more; having both TOCs and summary notes in records increased ebook usage; and oldest and newest ebook titles with catalog enhancements were used more frequently.   

Paige Andrew, Maps Cataloging Librarian, Pennsylvania State University Libraries, presented "Cartographic resources and RDA: A snapshot of changes from AACR2 rules and practices”. This presentation highlighted changes in cataloging of cartographic materials in RDA environment. The presenter provided specific examples of catalog record elements that were affected by transition from AACR2 to RDA.

The presentations were followed by questions from the audience.

Please, see attached presentation slides for more details.