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Minutes of our meeting at the Annual Conference Las Vegas, June 2014

Minutes from the Notable Children's Book Committee Meeting / Annual Las Vegas  2014

Members present, Allison Barney, Keary Bramwell, B. Allison Gray, Chrystal Carr Jeter, Joyce Laiosa, Bettye L. Smith, Jennifer S. Smith, Gwen M. Taylor, Larence Wawro, Bina Williams, chair Edith Ching.

We were pleased to meet in the Las Vegas Convention Center and believe that helped with our attendace which averaged:
34 Saturday June 28
46 Sunday June 29
38 Monday June 30
most attendees stayed for at least 2 hours

We had a preliminary hour meeting Saturday morning to meet each other, discuss procedures, raise questions and discuss what else the chair can do to meet the needs  of committee members.
Kathy Isaacs, aformer committee chair, modelled book presentation and discussion.

We had a total of 76 books to discuss over a 3 day period and Joyce Laiosa who created a power point of cover page and author, illustrator, publisher information divided them into groups of approximately 25.

We considered each book in terms of the Notable criteria but below are some of our specific appreciations and concerns:

The importance of book making
The relevance to the Commin Core
Grammatical errors/typos
Missing information in nonfiction books, back matter, maps, notes
Age appropriateness
Role of title
Role of cover
Balance of personal themes vs bigger picture
Potential for expanding the reader's mind
Value /contribution of illustrations

we look forward to continuing these discussions at Mid Winter and creating our list.