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Aaron Dobbs's picture

Meeting Room Maps in Conference Book?

It was brought to my attention that there were no maps of the convention center included in the conference program book.

To my (and Michael Golrick's) knowledge this was the first time time that there was not a map of the meeting rooms in the program.

It was also implied that maps would be very appreciated in future program books :)

Elizabeth Marshak's picture

That would have been tremendously helpful.  I was surprised it wasn't included.  Were maps included in the online scheduler?

Mary Ghikas's picture

Pages 40-49 in the Final Program included maps -- both convention center and hotel meeting spaces, as well as the general map showing where the various hotels were.  The detailed exhibit floor map is later in the Final Program.  The same maps were available on the conference website. 

Having said that, the both the meeting room layout of the LVCC and the way the information came to us clearly posed some problems for the folks putting together the final program.  So, you are correct, the LVCC map was less useful than some. 

We'll work on making it as easily available and useful as possible next year.