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ACIG Annual 2014 - Gary Strawn, report on RDA Phase 3 for LC/NACO Authority File

Presentation by Gary Strawn at the Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG) meeting at ALA Annual, Las Vegas, NV, Sunday, June 29, 2014, 1pm-3pm.

Gary Strawn (Authorities Librarian, Northwestern University) is the chair of a PCC task force that will define and prepare an RDA 'Phase 3' for the LC/NACO Authority File. The primary job to be done is the re-coding of most of the remaining AACR2 authority records (numbering in the millions) as RDA. Other tasks to be accomplished as part of the project include: the addition of ISNIs, changes to music medium of performance (subfield $m), changes to relator terms, elimination of pre-RDA 378 fields, and the re-categorization of texts in subfield $c of personal names. All changed records will receive additional fields (046 for personal names, for example) when possible. Examples of each task and the needed solutions and work were shared. Gary had suggestions for additional clean-up projects (e.g. adding death dates to headings) and solicited volunteers to help review preliminary results (e.g. review of the results of auto-generation of 046 field).