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ACIG Annual 2014 - Janis L. Young, Library of Congress report

Presentation by Janis L. Young at the Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG) meeting at ALA Annual, Las Vegas, NV, Sunday, June 29, 2014, 1pm-3pm.

Janis L. Young is a senior cataloging policy specialist in the Library of Congress’ Policy and Standards Division (PSD).  She is LC’s genre/form coordinator, and maintains LC subject headings and classification numbers, and the medium of performance thesaurus.  She is also the editor of both the Subject Headings Manual and the Classification and Shelflisting Manual. 

Janis L. Young (Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist, Policy and Standards Division (PSD)) gave her regular semi-annual report from Library of Congress, including updates on authorities projects, staffing changes at Library of Congress, and updates to tables and documentation. She addressed the BIBFRAME Editor project, changes to RDA toolkit documentation, specific upcoming changes (e.g. Cape Verde->Cabo Verde), updates on the treatment of fictitious characters and on genre/form projects, particularly the LCMPT and LCDGT projects.