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Imagineering Interest Group Meeting, ALA Annual 2014

Imagineering Interest Group Meeting, ALA Annual 2014

  • There were 7 attendees.
  • The Chair, Breanne Kirsch gave a short introduction on the Imagineering IG, including about the new blog: http://scifiandbeyond.org.
  • We discussed topics for possible future programs at Annual and decided on the following topic: Technoculture: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Technology.
  • Future endeavors of the group were also discussed including a future webinar about apps that support science fiction and fantasy and evaluating what’s already out there. Thomas Allen and Cara Kinsey will do some research on this idea.
  • We also discussed possibilities for LITA’s 50th Anniversary in a couple of years and nearing the IIG’s 25th Anniversary. We discussed possibilities of covering favorite authors from the past with a retrospective look at how science fiction and fantasy have changes or looking at science fiction and fantasy for children and what is next with the genres. The topic of world-building was also discussed.
  • Thomas Allen agreed to become the Vice-Chair for next year and Breanne Kirsch will continue on as Chair.
  • Finally, the program for annual was discussed: Science Fiction and Fantasy: Redefining Humans from the Past to the Future, held on Saturday, June 28, 2014 from 4:30-5:30pm with Terry Goodkind, Douglas Preston, V. E. Schwab, Wen Spencer, and Jo Walton. There were at least 170 attendees and an author signing at the end of the program.