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ALCTS Photo Scavenger Hunt: Monday Item List

The last day! Here's the list for Monday, June 30th. Take pictures of the following items and post them to your favorite social media site (Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr) and remember to tag them with #alaac14 and #alctsac14. Adding a caption would be really helpful too!

You can read the full rules and details on how to participate at tinyurl.com/ac14alctsgames.

Monday List

1 point

        At the ALCTS Office Area

        At any author signing

        With an ALCTS title in the ALA Store

        At the Statue of Liberty at NY NY

        At the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

3 points

        At the ALCTS President's Program (The Quiet Strengths of Introverts featuring Jennifer Kahnweiler)

        With a Elvis impersonator in the Exhibit Hall

        With a flamingo at the Flamingo

5 points

        With an ALCTS staff member

10 point bonus

        At the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign"