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ALCTS Photo Scavenger Hunt: Saturday Item List

Are your cameras ready? Here's the list for Saturday, June 28th. Take pictures of the following items and post them to your favorite social media site (Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr) and remember to tag them with #alaac14 and #alctsac14. Adding a caption would be really helpful too!

You can read the full rules and details on how to participate at tinyurl.com/ac14alctsgames. Get clicking!

Saturday List (and ALCTS 101)

1 point

  • At Stan Lee's Auditorium Speaker Series event

  • At an ALCTS CaMMS sponsored meeting

  • At the Lion statue in front of the MGM

  • At the Bellagio Dancing Fountains

  • At the "Eiffel Tower" in front of Paris Paris

3 points

  • At ALCTS 101 (Friday 7-9:30)

  • At the ALCTS Awards Ceremony

  • With any ALCTS Board of Directors Member

5 points

  • With an ALCTS president (past/present/elect or former)