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ALA's Opportunities Exchange makes more than 800 assistantships, grants, and scholarships searchable online

We're excited to announce that you can now search the 800+ awards listed in the Financial Assistance for Library & Information Studies (FALIS) Directory in the Opportunities Exchange in ALA Connect.

The FALIS Directory is maintained by ALA's Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR). All of the awards can now be searched by type (assistantship, fellowship, scholarship), library type (academic, public, school), education program level (Masters, Doctorate), state, keyword, and more. The Directory is also still available as a PDF.

This effort brings together in one place the more than 800+ FALIS awards with dozens of additional opportunities within the library profession for calls for proposal, equipment, freelance work, giveaways, grants, job exchanges, research surveys, volunteering, and more.

Originally started in 2010 as one of then-ALA President Jim Rettig's initiatives, the Opportunities Exchange was conceived of as a craigslist for the library world. Anyone with an account on ALA Connect can add a new opportunity to the OppEx. Users can also save searches and request email alerts when new opportunities are added that match the interests listed in their Connect profiles.

See the Help section of the Opportunities Exchange for more information about this valuable resource and how you can add an opportunity to the database.

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Hi JL,

I see from previous posts that you would have to fix it at that end. I've joined the YALSA Los Angeles Area Interest Group but it says "non-member" after my name. I renewed my ALA membership after joining the ALA Connect group, so I may have confused the system. Would you please spare me the public humiliation of having a NON-MEMBER tag after my name?


Wendy McP in LA

Pamela Akins (staff)'s picture

Hi Wendy,

I get the impossible task of filling Jenny's shoes in Connect and am looking into this issue.  When I go to the group list as well as your profile, I am not seeing the (non-member) designation anymore and am wondering if you still see it.


I have attached a screenshot, in hopes that the system caught up and we are all good.

Feel free to reply to me directly at pakins@ala.org or 312.280.4210 or in this thread.  I look forward to working with you in Connect!



Pamela Akins
Community Engagement Specialist, ITTS, x4210
American Library Association
50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611
6th floor

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