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Agenda of the meeting - Annual 2014

The ACRL/STS Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee will meet at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference as part of the All-Committees Meeting (ACRL STS).


The meeting is scheduled for

Saturday, 28 June 2014

8:30 am - 10:00 am

LVH (Las Vegas Hotel) - Pavilion 09


Breakfast will be offered as part of the STS event; remarks from STS officers will begin the program.




ACRL/STS Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee




            Topics                                                              approximate start time for item (p.d.t.)

  1. Introductions                                                               (8:45 am)
  2. Updates from STS Council                                             (8:50 am)
  3. Committee webpages and work promised                       (9:00 am)
  4. Still trying to find next projects                                      (9:05 am)
  5. Assignments to members                                              (9:40 am)
  6. Next meeting/Midwinter planning                                   (9:45 am)
  7. Other topics?                                                                (9:50 am)
  8. Adjourn                                                                       (10:00 am)



Betty Landesman (blandesman@ubalt.edu) and Larayne Dallas (ldallas@austin.utexas.edu), co-chairs.  Jennifer Roach (jroach75@gmail.com) will succeed Betty as co-chair after the Annual Conference.  Membership for 2014-2015 may be found at:  http://www.ala.org/acrl/sts/acr-stssba?year=2014.