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2014 ALA Annual GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Notes

This document holds both the agenda and meeting minutes.  Each item has a minutes section.  The minutes for this meeting will be approved at the July board meeting.

Saturday, June 28, 2014
8:30 am to 11:30 am, US/Pacific
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N229

Attendees:  Present: R. Hansen, chair; A. Symons, chair-elect; D. Vess, past chair; D. McNeill, treasurer; P. Hepburn round table councilor; M. Freeman; M. Townley; S. Vaillancourt; R. Ridinger; L. Johnston; L. Romans; P. Coyl; M. Ciszek; F. Cervone; W. Walker; B. Graziano; I. Abrams; A. Johnson, secretary. 

1. Call to Order (Roland)

Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 8:32 A.M. 

2. Introductions (Roland)

Minutes: Introductions of all present were made.

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (Roland)

Minutes: Item #9 will not need a vote, just a discussion.  The agenda was approved.   

4. Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes (5 mins)

Action: Approve minutes from 13 June board meeting.

Item Facilitator: Andrew Johnson

Vote: n/a

Background Information:

Minutes: The minutes of the June 13, 2014 Executive Board Meeting were approved.


5. 2015 ALA Annual Pre-Conference Committee (20 mins)

Action: Update & Discussion

Item Facilitator: Shawn P. Vaillancourt & Carrie Moran

Vote: n/a

Supporting InformationGLBTRT 2015 ALA Annual Pre-Conference Committee Report [Word doc]

Minutes: The meeting next proceeded to a report from the 2015 ALA Preconference Committee. The theme the committee is working on is Building LGBT Libraries. There were a number of questions raised: how much should it cost, do we want to make money on the event, how much should we pay speakers, should we focus on a specific type of library? It was pointed out that members of ALA cannot be paid for speaking. Discussion ensued. We should probably focus on public and school libraries. Symons felt we should keep the cost low. Our charge should be compared to other pre-conference events. It was noted that the information for this event needs to be to ALA offices soon. This item will be one of the items up for discussion at the August board meeting.


6. ALA Executive Board Liaison Visit (10 mins) 

Action: Hear a report from ALA Executive Board Liaison.

Item Facilitator: Roland Hansen

Vote: n/a

Supporting InformationALA Executive Board Talking Points

Minutes: The meeting next had a presentation from our representative from the ALA Executive Board, Sara Kelly Johns. She reported that current membership in the organization stands at 56,637, which is down slightly from last year. The organization has lost about five thousand members in the last five years. The number of student chapters has increased. The attendance at this conference as of Sat. morning stood at 18,000 which is slightly more than the Anaheim conference two years ago but less than Chicago last year. The Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will begin its work at this conference. 


7. Appointment Process for Book List and Award Committees (10 mins)

Action: Information Sharing

Item Facilitator: Peter Coyl and Ann Symons

Vote: n/a

Supporting InformationGLBTRT Book List & Award Committee Volunteer Form [Word doc]

Minutes: The next item of business was the appointment process for book list and award committees. Plans are being made for these changes. Next year 22 members will be needed, one half of whom will serve a one-year term and half a two-year term. The committee chairs will need to be involved. Persons who wish to volunteer need to use the ALA volunteer form but provide more information than usual as to their qualifications. It needs to be noted that attendance at mid-winter is required; attendance at annual is highly recommended. 


8. Gender Neutral Restrooms at ALA Annual and Midwinter Meetings (15 mins)

Action: Discussion with Paul Graller or another representative from ALA Conference Services about our request for gender neutral restrooms at Annual and Midwinter.

Item Facilitator: Roland Hansen

Vote: n/a

Supporting Information:

Minutes: After Ms. Johns left, the next order of business was a discussion of gender-neutral restrooms. One such restroom has been designated at this conference. Paul Graller, ALA Conference Services, has reported no problems in setting up this restroom for this conference. In the future the location of these restrooms should be noted in the Scheduler. This type of restroom should be available at all conferences and division meetings. 


9. National GLBT Book Month (20 mins)

Action: Determine whether or not the round table wants to pursue establishing an ALA/GLBTRT National GLBT Book Month held every June.

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons, Peter Coyl

Vote: Yes n/a

Supporting Information / Questions:

Do we have the capacity and the interest for a new GLBTRT initiative: National GLBT Book Month/June?

Nel Ward, current GLBT News Chair, received a message from the editor of Chase's Calendar of Events asking if we would like to continue to have National GLBT Book Month listed under the name of ALA/GLBTRT.

Apparently this has been listed for the past 15 or more years. If you Google "National GLBT Book Month" there is not much information from a national GLBT book month. According to Chase, we "own" this and it is our decision about what we want to do with it.

Do we want to pick this up and make something of it? Do we have the capacity to take on a new initiative? Do we need a new committee?

Will it cost money? To be listed in Chase, “no”
To put together an annual initiative – yes
Can we get sponsorships?
Can we get celebrity endorsements?
Do we have the capacity to start one more initiative?
Do we have reliable volunteers?
Can we start small?
Will ALA help us publicize National GLBT Book Month?
Do we ask “membership” what they think beginning with the membership meeting tomorrow?

What are the negatives? What are the positives?

Mary Ghikas, in a message to me, noted: GLBTRT might want to take a look at a couple of "weeks" that are supported by ALA through the Divisions: Teen Tech Week (YALSA), Teen Read Week (YALSA), Preservation Week (ALCTS). You know Kim Olsen-Clark in Development; she's a good person to talk to about sponsorships. You might also want to talk with Charles Wilt about how he got Preservation Week rolling. I think he had some national partners - like LC -- that helped make the initial splash.  Mg

Minutes: Next up for discussion was the National GLBT Book Month. It has been listed in Chase Calendar of Events for many years. Do we want to keep the listing? Discussion followed. Paul Graller has said he would like more GLBT presence in the exhibit floor. The listing does give us a presence in a national reference publication. It was decided to keep the listing for now.


10. Charge for Fundraising Committee (15 mins)

NB: The language posed in a charge by Larry Romans and Joel Nichols posed at 2013 Annual didn't pass for a lack of mention of planned giving.

Action: Discuss new charge for fundraising committee.

Item Facilitator: Larry Romans

Vote: n/a

Supporting Information: The draft charge for this committee was not adopted at the board meeting at 2013 Annual Conference.

Minutes: Proposed changes to the Fundraising Committee will be completed by August and sent to the Bylaws Committee. 


11. GLBTRT Resources Committee Update (10 mins)

Action: Update & Discussion

Item Facilitator: Cat Walker

Vote: n/a

Supporting InformationGLBTRT Resources Committee Report [Word doc]

Minutes:  There was a report from the GLBTRT Resources Committee. Its work formally begins at this conference. The committee is already at work on its webpage. More bibliographies will be produced, such as one for hate crimes, transgender issues and Afro-American lgbt issues. This will be a professional tools page for librarians to use. 


12. GLBT News Progress (10 mins)

Action: Update to the board about the current progress of GLBT News. Thanks to Nel Ward, the out going chair of the news committee.  Introduction of incoming GLBT News chair John Mack Freeman. Brief highlights of what the committee has accomplished since the January redesign. Informing people on how they can help or get involved if they want to.

Item Facilitator(s): Roland Hansen and Mack Freeman 

Vote: n/a

Supporting Information:

Minutes: A report on the incoming, news committee chair was next. Mack Freeman reported GLBT News is updated on a continual basis.  Subscribers can sign up to receive a daily email from the site of the latest posts.  There are currently 107 subscribers. A typical week will have 8-15 news articles. There was a discussion of how to make the email subscription feature more well known.  Visit the contact page to sign up.  

13. GLBTRT Ad hoc Local Arrangements Committee - Draft Guidelines (10 mins)

Action: Motion to adopt the attached guidelines regarding our Local Arrangements Committee. The committee is the group that plans our socials.

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: Yes

Supporting InformationDraft Guidelines for GLBTRT Local Arrangements Committee [Word doc]

Minutes: D. Vess submitted the above draft guidelines for the GLBTRT Ad Hoc Local Arrangements Committee.  The guidelines are based off of input from a number of people including our treasurer.  A motion to adopt the submitted guidelines was made and it will become the first entry in a GLBTRT procedure manual.  


14. GLBTRT Project Proposal Form -- Proposal (15 mins)

Action: Motion to adopt the draft project proposal form and add to website web forms along with the board contact form: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/contact

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: Yes

Supporting Informationhttp://connect.ala.org/node/114947

Minutes: The draft project proposal form was adopted by the board.  It is already in place on the GLBTRT website.  


15. Web Site Updates & Marketing Proposal (15 mins)

Action: Motion to enlist ALA design services to create custom branding for the GLBTRT website and create feature slides for use on the round table home page.  (David and David recommend priority be given to the slides.)

Item Facilitator: David Isaak, GLBTRT Web Cmte Chair & David Vess

Vote: Yes

Supporting Information:

    • Examples: Look at any of the ALA division sites. They have their own header and color palette.
    • Costs:
      • Design of up to 6 feature slides for website: $400-500
      • Design of custom header for website and color scheme $400-500
      • List of potential slides to be developed: Book Awards; Elections; Committee Volunteering; Professional Resources Page; News site; Reviews site; OTR site; Rainbow Site;
      • If there is a concern with costs, I think it’s worth it to have professionally developed feature slides done first. We could live without a new website heading and color changes.

 Minutes: This item was discussed but was tabled for a later board meeting.


16. Discussion About Costs of the Social and Stonewall Book Awards Brunch

This item wasn't on the agenda, it grew out of discussion at the end of the meeting.

Due to cost considerations, do we want to change the Book Awards brunch event and replace it with just a presentation? Do we want the presentation done as part of the Social? If so, does that become a ticketed event? It was pointed out that we had a $6,000 deficit from our last event. Here in Las Vegas, we are losing money as the brunch tickets cost $55, but the charge to us from the hotel is $75. The idea of doing away with the brunch and making it a program slot with the awards and a speaker or two was raised. Is there another option?  A motion was made and passed that the San Francisco awards be done as a program with a speaker and no ticket as a trial to see how this scenario works. There will be a booklet and a bookmark done for the event. 


17. Announcements


    • It was reported that as of this morning, the challenge for the book awards endowment had generated $14,626. 
    • Total membership in the round table has stayed static at 917 members over the last two years. In relation to other round tables, this is good as many of the others have seen a drop in their membership.


18. Adjournment

Minutes: The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.  


Appendix Committee Reports

Board Reports

Committee Reports

Representative and Liaison Reports

  • Representative to Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC):
    [None Submitted]
  • Representatives to Diversity Council, a subcommittee of the Committee on Diversity: http://connect.ala.org/node/225620 [Word Doc] 

  • Representative to Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF): 
    http://connect.ala.org/node/226420 [Word File] 

  • Representative to Legislation Assembly (ALA Committee on Legislation): 
    [None Submitted]
  • Representative to Office for Literacy and Outreach Services Advisory Committee [None Submitted]
  • Representative to Round Table Coordinating Assembly (RTCA): [None Submitted]
  • Liaison to New Members Round Table (NMRT):[None Submitted]
  • Liaison Planning and Budget Assembly (Treasurer Ex-officio):  
    [None Submitted]
  • Representative to Social Responsibilities Round Table [vacant]
  • Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA): http://connect.ala.org/node/225619 [Word doc]
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Hi all, I see this report was sent in (as asked) to the board's contact form on June 3rd, but I failed to add it to the about agenda/mins document.  Shawn came to the board meeting but I thought I'd add this info here anyway.  Thanks to Shawn and Carrie!  David

Their report follows:

Submitted on Tue, 06/03/2014 - 08:15
Submitted by user:
Submitted values are:

Last Name: Moran
First Name: Carrie
Email Address: carrie.moran@ucf.edu
Comment or Question:
2015 ALA Annual Pre-Conference Committee Report
Carrie Moran, co-chair
Shawn Vaillancourt, co-chair

The 2015 ALA Annual Pre-Conference Committee has met virtually three times to discuss the planning of a preconference program for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. We have worked with John Amundsen from ALA to select  iday, June 26, 2015 from 8AM-12PM as the time slot for our program.

The program will focus on building LGBTQ inclusive libraries, and the title is still to be determined. The committee has decided on the following structure: a keynote followed by 2 sets of breakout sessions in each of the different tracks (Collection Development, Outreach, and Program Planning).

We are envisioning a small group in each track and are hoping for presentations that are either interactive or leave room for group discussion.

We have begun contacting speakers and working on the budget for the program. Here is the budget estimation: Speaker fees ($ per speaker, 1 keynote, 6 workshoppers)
Refreshments (light snacks, beverages) ~ $35 per person
AV costs (projector, computer, wifi access) ~ $1000
projector would be about $425 and screen about $45; podium mic about $30

Our next meeting will be in person at ALA Annual in Las Vegas.

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Hi all, Sarah and Julie sent their report (as asked)  to the board via the board contact form on June 13.  I failed to add it to the agenda/minutes document, but all board members got it in email that day.  I'm adding their report here so it is documented somewhere.  Thanks to the members of the advocacy committee.  Their roster is here: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/committees/adhoc/glb-ahadvoc


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: GLBTRT Board Form
Date: Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 9:29 AM
Subject: GLBTRT Board Contact Form

Submitted on Fri, 06/13/2014 - 08:28
Submitted by user:
Submitted values are:

Last Name: Wright
First Name: Sarah
Email Address: swright@pwcgov.org
Comment or Question:

GLBTRT Advocacy Committee (ad hoc) report for Annual Meeting, Las Vegas 2014
The charge of this committee is to:

  •  Support the efforts of advocates for library service to GLBT Families and their allies through wide dissemination of a GLBT Toolkit modeled on other ALA advocacy toolkits.
  • To develop and highlight resources in a toolkit for advocates at the local, state, and national level with particular emphasis on the grassroots level.
  • To work with other ALA units including the youth divisions, PLA, the Chapter Relations Committee and the Committee on Library Advocacy to integrate GLBT advocacy efforts into their planning and priorities.

Since midwinter, two co-chair members have been appointed, Sarah E. Wright and Julie Ann Winkelstein. The co-chairs have contacted two committee members, Karla Strand and Alexander Andrasik. The goal for this committee is six to eight members, and so the committee is open to including anyone with an interest in advocacy work.

At this time, we have created a Google document for working on the project and communicated by email. The committee is working on arranging a conference call and a meeting during ALA annual. Committee members are taking responsibility for creating content for the toolkit and researching,
using other ALA toolkits as models.


Julie Ann Winkelstein and Sarah Wright, co-chairs.