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agenda: STS Publications Committee, 2014 ALA Annual

ACRL Science and Technology Section

Publications Committee

ALA Annual, Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 28, 2014, 8:30-10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

Las Vegas Hotel (3000 Paradise Road), Pavilion 09


I. Introductions

            A. Welcome to incoming members

            B. Member recognition and thank-yous

II. Update on Midwinter/Last fall

III. Call for additional agenda items

IV. Council I report

V. Sub-area reports

            A. Webmaster (Eileen Harrington, Michelle Armstrong)—activities & staffing needs

            B. STS Signal (Amy Prendergast, Tyler Dzuba)—activities & staffing needs

            C. STS-L & STS-C (Roxanne Bogucka)—usage stats, issues

            D. ISTL (Andrea Duda)--usage stats, issues, news

            E. STS Wikis (Jamie Conklin)—usage stats and activity

            F. Social Media—staffing needs

VI. New business

            A. Potential new project—develop/design STS stationery

            B. Discussion of any additional agenda items

VII. Adjourn