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Annual 2014 Liaison Reports

We should have liaison reports. Here's a topic thread for them, so we can have one link to all of them from the prework doc.

Here's mine!

Education committee report

Since Midwinter, the committee has:

  • Run one web course (GIS), three webinars (strategic social media, linked data, gamification), and two Midwinter workshops (strategic social media, web development & management)
  • Scheduled an additional web course for July (SEO) - please advertise to your friends & networks!
  • Gotten approximately 2 web courses and 5 webinars in the pipeline with topics and interested speakers - stay tuned!
  • Completed a review of the educational offerings of other divisions to identify opportunities for LITA (report pending)
  • Worked with Assessment to develop a survey of our members' educational needs (in process_
  • Begun to pursue several partnership opportunities with outside organizations

I'd like to thank outgoing commitee members Toni Nolen (chair), Danilo Baylen, Ginny Boyer, Cheryl Cuillier, Heather Dalal, Margaret Heller, Shaun Jackson, Brian Rossman, and Edward Sanchez for their service.  I'd also like to welcome our new committee members (exact list TBA) and congratulate our new leadership. Abigail Goben will be stepping up from vice-chair to chair, and Mike Kastellec will be our new vice chair.

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Council report

Since Midwinter, Council has:

  • had several high-level policy discussions (no action taken, just discussion)
  • recieved several resoultions and memorial resolutions for review prior to Annual, and
  • the Concil meeting documents are starting to pour in for Councilors reading-to-sleep pleasure...

- See more at: http://connect.ala.org/council and http://lists.ala.org/wws/arc/alacoun

There is also talk of a Network Neutrality statement, discussions of internet privacy, and other information and technology policy topics both in Council and on District Dispatch and ALAWON.


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian

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Are any of these policies/resolutions things that LITA ought to weigh in on? Or shall we just leave you to your stack of reading? :)

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

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Since Midwinter, the TAC has done:

  • The committee itself did not meet or discuss anything over the past 6 months. However, the Committee Chair, Paul Bracke, spoke with me about the future of this committee and gave me his recommendations going forward.
  • If this committee is disbanded (discussion and vote at Annual), Paul has agreed to continue as the LITA representative to the Intellectual Freedom Committee for 1 more year. Additionally, he sees overlapping information with some of ALA's other committees, and believes that this position should be in regular communication with the OITP Representative.  David Lee King is the 2014-2015 OITP Representative and I have already put them in contact with one another. 
  • All the members of the committee are scheduled to roll off June 30, 2014, with the exception of one person (Mark Adler), and I have already spoken to him about the possibility of this committee going away.  I have not made any appointments to this committee yet due to the anticipation of the committee's status.

Rachel Vacek

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Since Midwinter the Committee has: 

  • Organized the LITA Happy Hour for ALA Annual, securing a no-fee venue. http://ala14.ala.org/node/14539
  • Organized the LITA Open House program for ALA Annual. This is a reworking of the long-running LITA 101, recast to appeal to new, prospective and returning members.  The event will be on Friday from 3-4 pm. http://ala14.ala.org/node/14507
  • Designed and produced a new LITA print promotional piece which will be available at the ALA Membership Pavilion as well as at the Open House event. 


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In its meeting at Annual, the LITA Publications Committee discussed the two responses received to the Request For Information issued earlier this year.  The RFI asked publisher (specifically ALA Publishing and Rowman & Littlefield) to answer questions about how they would publish LITA Guides, including their plans for marketing, print and electronic publication, royalties to authors, and rights of LITA and authors to repurpose their content.
Given the responses from the two publishers, and the experience of committee membersf, including the LITA Acquisitions Editor, working with staff at both publishers, the committee reached consensus on a response.  We are recommending that the Executive Director pursue an agreement with Rowman & Littlefield to publish LITA Guides in print and electronically.  The committee articulated a list of points on which to make sure we were getting the most beneficial agreement possible (this list will be in the committee's report).

Zoe Stewart-Marshall

LITA Past President (2013-2014)

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From Web Coordinating Committee

  • This year they updated the "Get involved" page
  • In near future planning to work on the "learning opportunities" and "advocacy" pages
  • Will be doing UX work and will include the UX IG in this work  
  • Jobs page: make more competitive; wants to make a proposal to send to the board
  • Will be discussing blog editor applications after the conference